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                     Did You Know 

1.  American Mrs. Lauren 37 year’s 58 days lived in an iron lung.

2.  Wheeler Park, California, has a pine tree 5000 years old.

3. Instead of interfacing the Japanese people would cover their whole body tattoo art.

4. The eggs are produced in the United States by a net across the world can be made.

5. Testing has shown moon rocks of the 4720-year-old.

6. Brain does not feel any pain; no pain does not even cut it.

7. Women than men with the rapid pace of the heart is beating.

8. Norway, from May to July, the sun never sets.

9.  5 billion years the sun as they age. It will remain more than 5 billion years.

10. The first American President George Washington was bound to use teeth.

11. Our eye muscles to move at least 100000 times.

12. There is a tunnel under the River Thames in England. source : online news site .