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          Sex Life Of People Of Different Countries

Sex or sexuality is the oldest, and universal, thing in the world.
But even though the most universal, in this country, different cultures have developed in different cultures - which is normal for some, but strange in the eyes of others.
The BBC has made the effort to stay away from sex for the rest of its life, or to stumble across numerous varieties of apples - such as strolling with apples in the armpit-.
Read below are just a few of them.

The aborigines of Hawaii have their genitals different names

Traditionally, tribes of the Hawaiian Islands of the United States worship their secret organs and give them a different name.
But they did not stop there.
From the king of the indigenous people to the common people, many lived in 'male mai', a mantra of their own - written in several poetic languages.
These mantras were described in very open poetic language in their secret organs.
An expert on Hawaiian sexual behavior. Milton Diamond.
He described to the BBC the mantra of their queen Lily 'Oukulani.
In this mantra called 'excited', queen describes her genital mutilation.


Smartphone Hacking Will Increase In The New Year

The leakage of data has increased by 5 percent in 20 than in 20 years. The number of mobile-based malware and banking Trojans is expected to increase even further in 2021, according to a new research report.
According to Grant Thornton, an accounting and consulting firm, the magnitude of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing, the speed of data will increase, and the speed of cyber-attacks  will increase - according to IANS.
A report titled 'Cyber Trends in 2019 and Predictions for 2020' states, "It is thought that hackers will launch sophisticated artificial intelligence attacks to increase the speed and effectiveness of the attack." IoT  will launch new challenges in data protection. ”


          Researchers Found Large Mosquitoes

Researchers have found the world's largest mosquito in Sichuan province, China. Each wing of the mosquito has a length of 8.5 cm. It has been reported. In this regard, Zhou Li, head of the West China Pest Museum, said the mosquito is the largest species of mosquito in the world, Halorussia mikado. The mosquito was poisoned while traveling on a field in August last year. It was then brought to the insect museum.


                          Born on Batman Face

Many people want to be a superhero when watching a movie. However, the youngest child gets a superhero title after birth. Because of the birth of a face, it looks like a 'superhero Batman'. Her photos via social media have gone viral. However, the baby's family is undergoing treatment. Doctors claim he will be normal.
Since the birth of Luna, the daughter of Carol Fenn, a resident of the Florida state of the United States, there are black spots throughout her mouth. If you look at it, it may seem like Batman's face is covered. That is why it was viral shortly after several pictures of Luna were uploaded via social media.


               New Feature on Google Search 

Google Search brings a new feature. From now on, the list of favorite movie and TV shows can be saved on Google Watch-list.
Engadget reports that Google has added a new card to their mobile version. With this, the TV series and film titles can be booked into 'seen' and 'seen' IE 'Watch list' and 'watched' lists.
When a user watches a video on YouTube, a button called 'Watch Now' will appear on the card. Along with its price and link will be provided. Similarly, if a user searches for a theater in search, a button called 'Get Tickets' will be taken, which will take the user to the Showtime tab. Again, adding a title to a Watch list will add it to the list along with its cover art. The user can view it again anytime later.
It's been a while since Google has added the feature. Although not everyone has access to it, many have already started using the feature, the media reported. The feature has just been launched on Google Apps for Android and iOS.
Source : Engadget


                       Offline Gmail Usage

Gmail can be used from now on even without an Internet connection. Google recently introduced the offline support feature. This feature allows you to, save, delete, write, and search mail as well as read from now on.
Before the Google IO conference, major changes were brought to Gmail. Then the popular mailing service also added some additional features based on artificial intelligence. And the last one added to this offline feature.
In order to use the Offline feature of Gmail, Chrome version 3 version is required. The service will be available only after following certain rules. How to Get Offline Gmail Service-

1. First, you need to download that version of Google Chrome,


The best kung fu video to storm the 2019

Kung Fu, a popular martial arts group in China. Kung Fu is practiced in various forms all over the world. This martial art is popular all over the world for its rapid strategic addressing. In the past year, many videos of Kung Fu have gone viral on social media. The Chinese media, together with the video uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday, uploaded a video. That video has taken the storm back to the net world. The video was uploaded, "Do you love kung Fu? Watch some of the best Kung fu videos of the 2019. "Which has already seen 20 thousand users. From baby to old. From adolescence to youth. There are kung Fu videos for people of all ages.
Kung Fu Master Zhang Ilong had taken the eyes of the world through the nose with the milk churn. Zhang did an incredible job after nearly five years of exercise.

Are you a #KungFu lover? We've put together some of our best Kung Fu videos of 2019. Share with us your favorite!

— People's Daily, China (@PDChina) December 31, 2019

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