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                     Sleep and Dreams

After 5 minutes to wake up half the memory of the dream disappeared. Ten minutes 90 percent of the dream disappeared. Write down the dream you want to remember.

Some people (about 12 percent), while others dream in black and white (88 percent of the rest) Colorful dreams.

Dreams are nothing more than an object, and the blind man Dream. The blind man cannot see the picture in a dream depends on whether they are blind since birth, or birth not lost sight of him.

Dream stay on all night if you go up when I sleep He could not remember the dream than to keep in mind.

Japanese researchers have discovered that the idea of a machine that to see images of the dream of the video image to show through.

None of sleep dreaming that he's not snoring.

A normal man of the year 1460, more than a dream. source online news site.