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Computer Tips

G-mail Safety

Any time that your G mail account could be hacked. Some important information about yourself before you knew it could be stolen. Again a lot of time to keep the information in the mail, as well as keep an eye on the movements of e-mail users those hackers roaming the Internet in the world. However, do not worry. Google is going to save you from this problem by constantly updating its security procedures. You just need to be careful to take the necessary measures. After taking the online world, it is no longer able to walk safely. Google has a browser application called ugly-mail. Google's browser is set when the command to trace by mail before the car will tell. The app is fully active after each symbol will appear in the mail a small tag. The tag symbol can be found in the information in the mail, you see somebody is going to fall into the hands of the thieves. The service is great to get the 'ugly Mail' app to enable the Google Chrome browser. Or click the button on the browser to activate the app. From there, go to the Web Store 'ugly e-mail, search for "add to Chrome" option and click on the job will end. Keep up with the ease of email security. After a suspicious e-mail in your mailbox when it would examine the App  itself.

Has turned into a computer's RAM in your Pendrive

The short length of the current era of computers has become Unbearable RAM. First computer slow motion is completed, the addition of good quality games cannot or do not appreciate Software. On this day of computers, but there is a lack of RAM is less than that of men. However, the lack of people who do not have computers, but I Pen-drive. I'm going to give you today a trick. I hope all of you will take away the sorrow of mind.

Pen-drive in the first turn on your PC

Take the Pen-drive with the Format

Visit the My Computer from the Pen-drive Properties

Ready Boost will be written on the top of that place

Unsuccessful, click on the Test Again

Now the storm will end work your PC.

Windows XP, 7 & 8 percent of the work on the vista can be a problem.


             Delete autorun virus from PC

We use the Windows operating system, one of the greatest of them occurred in the autorun virus. Many people took the initiative to get rid of them, but it does not leave us to follow. Autorun virus due to the autorun menu that opens when you double-click on the drive. Run left to do when the computer virus? Much anti-virus software to scan the show! But the funny thing is, most of the time, I do not, but by an antivirus scan. I hope to follow the following rules will be solved.
Copy the code below and paste it in notepad and save as Autorun .bat.

echo off

Double-click to open the file and restart the computer, hope autorun virus will no longer occurred.

                 Facebook blue Text 

Facebook use not be found in a very low number of people who want everyone little different sort his own Facebook profile. Today we will show to you how Facebook can be given the status of the blue. Give your friends surprise with blue status. How to pay ? You do not have to do anything special, just @ [1:]@@[1: [0: 1: Your Text Here]] copy it Paste to your Facebook status Enter Your Text Here's the place you see the glow.

      The Mouse With The Keyboard Works

Hardware or software, the keyboard does not work due to various problems, so I may have. On the Screen at the keyboard can be very effective. If you want to turn on the keyboard with the mouse On the Screen Start> All Programs> Accessories> Accessibility On Screen Keyboard, select Go to. Therefore, the keyboard does not work, but can be cured using the mouse with the keyboard On the Screen in writing.

you losing your android mobile charge ?

Do not use .Live wallpaper.

Do not use more widgets on mobile Homeschooling.
If the charge is less than 25 will be charged.

Do not run in the mobile with a charge, then the impact on the battery. And never once did not pay the extra charge or not to charge the battery is supposed to be a bad influence on.

If your downloaded apps in the running if you do not stop them, not the way: settings → Application → running Application ... and mobiles in some unnecessary apps running and stop them if it will not be a problem. On the mobile ex will then be OK.

Never a home button with the tip of the apps will not be. Then it will continue in the background. You'll exit out.

Please reduce the brightness of the screen mobiles.

WiFi, auto rotation, on Bluetooth not always a good idea.

The rules can save you charge your phone, so it will remain Probably.

print only certain parts of web page

Web pages can be printed on the part. Enter in the URL text box entered on the website by entering the website address and click Start. Panels on the left side of the web page you viewed. Took part that you want to print the webpage, specify it with the mouse click (if the mouse over the red border will be) will be selected. The print command will print your selection .

Check the website before visiting areas of the site have a virus

Internet has made our lives much easier. Google search on the Internet with many unknown facts got in just a few minutes, which was impossible before. Visit the site to look for information on the Internet is unknown. Which is likely to enter the computer virus. Site visits to the site so check before viruses. This site by visiting the website, you can find out whether you have the virus. Sign in First this site. The site links to websites that you want to check Virus Scan with a view or url .

Laptop WiFi Router

Today I went to buy Wi-Fi router the market price of 120 $ connective-me pro version, and finally I got a lot of support at the net search  thinks I am surprised intimate priced router I am using the 4 hour active, the speed of your modem or broadband As far as the same will come. 
Like 50 m
open or 6 or 8 digits can be locked with a password. Seedlings in the password cannot access the net online or at the net, and you can see the need to use the block can hit.
Together you can run up to 10 devices.
Bonus software:
Connectivity-me dispatch This software is the speed balance that just keeps ticking all the way up to 10 devices can be run together on the net.
With it you can download with IDM can easily browse or upload speed limiter use is not necessary. so much so that it came from and why now download the free information to make your house and remove the Wi-Fi zone . 
download now .

                          Typing Tutor

Many high-speed computers every day, we cannot write. However, we use software for pro-type Speed our hand motions. I got good news for you today. I am going to give you the software. 7 days after the software to practice your hand Increase the speed of the course. If this software can finish all steps then you'll be typing tutor. Download full version of the software now. 

Invisible Folder

Create a folder and put a lot of important documents and folders to facilitate understanding of what kind of documents do with the name of the folder. Now we have to create a folder in which no one is able to see how it is! Let's not too late to create an invisible folder. First you create a New Folder, and select the New Folder in the article, it will be blue on the right side of the keyboard, hold down ALT and press 0160, remove the finger from the ALT key and click Enter. See the folder has been created without a name. Now the name of the mouse's right bottom Folder click on Properties, then customize> change icon, click the icon window, select a blank icon and click OK. I see you have created an Invisible Folder.

Hidden File

Problem of Hidden File? Cannot find? Kano problem to quickly find out the hidden files hidden from removing first need to download the software. The software to unzip the file and that the file is hidden in the drive, the drive to run the software. The drive will show all hidden files.

Facebook Shortcut key for Firefox and Chrome

Google Chrome

Alt + M : To write a new message.
To Alt + ? : Search.
Alt + 1 : Intro or visit News Feed.
Alt + 2 : To view your own profile.
Alt + 3 : To see friend request.
Alt + 4 : To see all the messages.
Alt + 5 : To view all notifications.
Alt + 6 : Account Settings.
Alt + 7 : privacy settings.
Alt + 8 : Facebook Official Page.

Mozilla Firefox

Shift + Alt + M: To write a new message.
To Shift + Alt + ?: Search.
Shift + Alt + 1: Home page, or visit the News Feed.
Shift + Alt + 2: To view your own profile.
Shift + Alt + 3: To see phenda request.
Shift + Alt + 4: To see all the messages.
Shift + Alt + 5: To view all notifications.
Shift + Alt + 6: Account Settings.
Shift + Alt + 7: privacy settings.
Shift + Alt + 8: Facebook Official Page.
Facebook News Feed shortcuts
J: scroll down on the News Feed
K: News feeds scroll up
/: Search Box
P: New styasasa Post

Free Antivirus

You can use your computer virus-free 'AVG antivirus software, the free version. -Avg-anti-virus-free software can be downloaded from the website.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader for free from the Internet, you can collect the new version Adobe Reader X | address of this software can be downloaded from.

Folder Lock Software

Popular computer security software Folder lock folder software is important. Using this software you can easily use a different folder, Password. lock/ can be downloaded from the software.

Change text format adobe in-design

Adobe in Design quick text format can be changed using shortcut keys. Hold Ctrl and Shift keyboard to quickly select the text to bold and press B. Hold Ctrl and Shift and press U to underline. Go back to the previous state by pressing Ctrl Shift and press Y.

                         Resize desktop icons

Windows Vista and Windows Seven desktop icons smaller easily - can expand. Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard, the mouse pointer first to Up down. Small size of your desktop icons - will be great.       

                 Registry and delete unnecessary files

Sometimes, delete or uninstall any software installed on the computer after it goes to the Registry list. Computer software to be installed or uninstalled the program the user accidentally deleted directly on the typical problems. Computer users sometimes have to face this kind of problem can be seen. A good solution to this problem, you will need to edit the Windows registry file.

For this you have to do is:

Click -> start> run>

Dialog box, enter the word regedit.


Microsoft> Windows> Current Version> Uninstall the left.

Now from here, uninstalling the software you already have, or delete, delete it by selecting it from the list.Now close the registry editor Quit.



                       MS Word file comments

Microsoft Office file, you can add your comments if necessary. Open the Microsoft Office file with the text to add comments. I want to add the comment, place the mouse pointer. Insert-> Comment choose. Now add comments. How would you print the file will be added to the comment File-> Print Preview-can view.             

                Taskbar Apps without a Mouse

Applications have driven the computer operating system Windows Seven task bar just did - the board is going through. For the 'Windows' and the pager service number on your application of 1, 3, 4, or press the number on the application. Suppose, you are going to call the taskbar 3 Firefox Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox when you leave the Windows key is turned on 3.           

               Speeding up taskbar thumbnails

By placing the mouse over the task-bar in Windows sub-genera job thumbnail (small picture or screenshot) can be seen. But many of the bottlenecks in the process to display the thumbnail. Go to the Start menu, type reedit to speed up thumbnail display Registry Editor-in to enter. HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Mouse-go from there. Double-click the Mouse overtime-in. Value of the 400 - day instead of 0. 

         Not Responding to computer programs

Text Messaging Not Responding When Windows XP is to click Close. This is all the work stopped. To avoid this problem, go to Start Run-reedit and press Enter to continue. Now HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Control Panel/Desktop- go. Double-click the option on the right side and the Value data Auto End Task as a 0 -1 instead of entering OK gets out.

View Mobile YouTube

High-speed Internet as there are many YouTube videos cannot see the desktop. But you will be able to view YouTube videos with the phone. Download the program for at Sky Fire from . Then your Nokia Symbian - Install the mobile supported. Click here to open the bookmark Select pages or search YouTube videos and want to click on the video.

             Speed ​​up Internet Explorer

Visit the website to speed up computer Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer and go Tools. Then click Internet Options Advanced settings option would have waited. Clicks the Security tab, and then Empty temporary internet files folder when browser is closed- in by checking the box next to get out. If the procedure is faster browsing. Follow this procedure to delete the temporary files in the browser is closed, the next time to increase the speed of the website.

                               WWW history

FLV video files to run on Nokia phones

Many people who download video files from video sharing sites like YouTube did. Watch videos downloaded from YouTube on your phone but never tried? If you can see through your Nokia mobile phones videos downloaded from YouTube. Download to your phone and install the software for the mabitiubiya choose from, but the software 3 0 * 40 pixels large video files cannot be played.

 Adobe Photoshop

'Adobe Photoshop' is now the world's leading graphics editing software. Those who work with graphics software are very important for them. University of Michigan students in 1987 for Thomas pipe myakinatosa computers 'display' name creates an edaana. The first version came on the market in 1990. 2005 is the new name in the 'Adobe Photoshop. 

Oracle suit against Google

Property (patent) infringement of Java technology used in the Android operating a system, has filed suit against Google, Oracle charges. Oracle has filed suit in federal court, "757 million dollars in January, and the Java programming language with San corporations owning the Oracle Procurement Contracts. Right now, as a result, Oracle Java programming language. , But the Android operating system ' stack ' the name of the Oracle software, but allow the use of Java Google did. 

Google Photos album

To save the picture online and want to share with other internet users, they can use Google's photo-sharing facility. There is a photo sharing site called Google Picasa for. To save the picture to go online and to your Gmail account via the log http, // address - in. The first album and the album through the upload button to upload the pictures and the link will be able to share. 

CD & DVD auto-play off

After inserting the CD in the CD tray automatically if the computer is turned on. This option cannot stop CD auto play. For the start-> run-in gpedit mac and press enter. A page will open the group policy. Page from left to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System will select. Many options will be on the right side. From there, double-click Turn off Auto play-The Turn off Auto play Properties will open up. From here, click on Enable the Turn off Auto play On Click Ok and select the CD -ROM Drives. 

Most popular videos on YouTube List 

Visitors will see the list of the most popular videos on YouTube Authority. Days, weeks and months as the list will be made . Except in the most ‘like’, share the most viewed and most downloaded list of videos. /charts allow the users to see the list. Source: Internet