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       Do you know your phone genuine or fake?

Did you know that the seller is selling the phone; it does not copy the original. Now phones and expensive brands not something that is fake. As a result, the quality of the phone or the phone is doubt as to whether the original. But one minute you can verify the original copy of the phone. What do you think? I-you know everyone, but do not notice it in real time. Take a look at one minute original phone or fake your hobby? Easily set-up the IMEI number of a mobile phone can be used to extract information. If the phones are out, then it will have all the information original phones. And today is the problem of bad things actually will take over the phone.
First the phone, press * # 06 #. See the IMEI number is 15 numbers. Please check it well, and then you'll realize that you bought the phone, it does not copy the original.source : online .