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                     World Best Mysteries

Bermuda Triangle: for ages eternal mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is a place. People still are not able to divulge the mystery of why a passenger ship or aircraft were nearby and found out? Why the people around here do is all bizarre experience? A group of researchers at the bottom of the ocean in the other planets, those responsible for these incidents. Some people may feel strange to the outside world due to the invisible planet has a door. These ships or planes that may be invisible to the door trap any other planet.

Area 51: This is the culmination of Americans in a secret military base. Until today, on behalf of the people was not possible to go inside. The base still does not match the original work than to know what the correct answer to the American government. Any questions about the content they are listed in this step. Sometimes strange, almost all of the aircraft were found near the base. Does not match with any type of aircraft in the world. Unknown person would be shot as soon as it is directed to hang around the base. What's inside is what's inside; by no means is it not possible to know what other people's behalf. Many people believe that aliens communicate with the world on a regular basis. They're coming to earth on a regular basis. Area 51 is the abode of the world's people, and they may or may not see any fault is why so much privacy here.

1969 a man enters the moon: This is an age-old discussion. 1969 was the year it was a dream year for the world. True dreams a year. These days, the world's first human steps on the moon. The moon is impossible to win the man of the left. He was opposed by many. They said the moon in 1969; people were not able to win. Because, as they say in those whose technology, it is impossible completely to the moon. When Americans think they are shooting incident that highlighted the presence of humans, and they also sense that the director Stanley kubarika.

Killing Princess Diana: Princess Diana is one of the most controversial incidents of targeted killings. In 1997, Princess Diana and her lover phayad died in a car accident dangerous. Experts believe the orders of the British royal family; the British MI6 intelligence institutions behind this dangerous assassination caused the accident. Many people think that Princess Diana rapid popularity, honesty and criticism of the British royal family, the royal family had left embarrassed and uncomfortable conditions. The relationship with the British royal family, Princess Diana of England phayad again and become a matter of national security, a large was standing, so maybe the killing happened.

2004 of the Indian Ocean tsunami: 2004 people in Asia since it were very painful for a day. The nature of the neighboring countries in Asia, devastating and cruel humans can see the real beauty of the game. This large-scale natural disaster, the tsunami hit several countries surrounding the sea. Millions of people die in this cruel tsunami. In particular, Indonesia and Sri Lanka had the most number of casualties of the disaster. The horror of the brutal nature of the world would never be able to forget. But Egypt, Middle East countries in the world on the back of strong demand for newspapers in several countries there. Secret nuclear bomb test explosion accidentally during the tsunami has created many expected.

The HIV virus was built Laboratory research: AIDS is a deadly disease disease is limited. Drug treatment and the way in which researchers could find. It was the world's most die deathly disease. In particular, a lot of people are dying in Africa every year around this disease. Dr William Campbell Douglass gave a theory first, and then told him the support of many doctors. According to the WHO's HIV virus in 1974, according to His plan was built Laboratory research. It is designed to reduce the world population. After several of these are in Africa, the virus is spread widely. The two bodies are divided and polarized, either the CIA or the KGB for their own interest, and he built this virus. This is a tragedy, but the whole world spread.

Fluoride does not prevent application of the WHO: dental erosion Fluoride is added to potable water, more or less, we all know it. Fluoride Scientific way again proved that it has a lot of bad side. The human body is affected in different ways in different kinds of side effect. According to the researchers, despite the WHO's concept is not tied to the Fluoride application. Because there is a huge business behind. On the back of all of the large pharmaceutical companies. Because if people are sick of their profits. And if people are not sick, so pharmaceutical companies will continue to do so??
Elvis Presley was really playing to his death: one time famous and popular singer named Elvis Presley hears people who have very little. He has countless fans around the world. People are still listening to music and likes. This is one of the most popular famous singers from a young age to enter the kingdom. The great singer died suddenly in 1977. The group claims that it is really the time Elvis did not die. He went to his death from behind. It has then seen him! Or is the real death in 1990. Elvis Presley was really playing to his death?

Mystery 2012: 2012 in, the biggest incident of the rumor that is going to destroy the world. Many people, however, the society has hijacked this issue. But the lack of children's parties, but not less. Lots of people believe that the December 01 disaster on earth. Mayan calendar predicted the end and Nostradamus some reason to believe the fire spread around the world. I trusted may not be destroyed, but a huge change in the world at this time. But it's all fantasy, predicted that the world still lives has been proved false..source : online news site.