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                               Selfie fever 

selfie whole world a fever. Women, in particular are seeking to perfect ourselves all the time selfie. The cosmetics industry has opened the scoring in luck. A new study has come up, selfie craze of 5 million to 93 million pounds last year due to increased demand for value cosmetics. In all, the amount spent last year, 81 million and 64 million pounds of cosmetic. Britain's Mirror reported. The grocer trade magazine wrote, a little after the cosmetics industry selfie auspicious conditions have contributed to the genre. Maybe selfie celebrity craze has spread. But the practice has spread through social selfie with camera phones like wildfire. According to Nielsen data analyst cosmetics market, has sold most makeup congealers on. Add additional 1 million and 1 million pounds selling price. Besides, eyebrow makeup has added 1 million to 6 million pounds. The color of 1 million to 3 million pounds of meat. Nielsen, Senior Health and Beauty Client Manager Helen Bedo the grocer said, women are always trying to be ready for the camera. So they spend a lot of makeup behind. Growing evidence that the patterns .source : The grocer magazine