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                  Two Marriages Compulsory

The East African country of Eritrea, the government has formulated a wonderful law. Under this Act, each of the one man to get two married! Yes, just that it has been written in the law. And the law is violated Punishment. Their wives are trying to avoid punishment from her husband's second marriage. Zimbabwe newspaper newszd reported. The report, Eritrea has been the law in the religion category. It has been said clearly, Eritrea, each man will force the two to marry. If you do not, and sentenced to life imprisonment for him. Similarly, if a woman prevents her second marriage, he will spend the rest of my life in prison. Official sources said, due to the long civil war with Ethiopia, Eritrea has reduced significantly the number of men. As a result, the country now has the highest number of women than men. Therefore, the men were ordered to marry the two. The country's population growth rate increases, and it is expected that in the near future to increase the number of men. Earlier, Kenya in Africa in 2014 countries, polygamy is legally binding. The highest number of cases, a man may marry a woman; he was not allowed to set any limits. Source: online news site.