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                          You Know ?

There is octopus body three hearts.

Whether the taste did not mean to eat the apples, and then take an 84 percent water and apple.

Plays only the arts to attract more mosquitoes.

Have a cup of coffee in more than 100 chemical substances .

The body of 30 calories an hour chewing gum biting heat loss.

Can be raised cows stairs, but not down.

Shrimp can only swim backwards.

Keep your eyes open for any frogs some cannot swallow.

Water elephants or hippos suffocation under water for 30 minutes could have been.

When the moon is directly overhead on, then the lower your weight.

Dolphin’s one eye sleeps in the open.

That interacts with your hands as the chimps!

You know what, one pound 33 of pure cotton the twist is a mile long!

The sense of smell ant dog More than.

Penguin only Birds that cannot swim, but not fly.

The amount of the It is complete with gold Cover the amount of knee Height.

As the lipstick, making her Most with fish scales .

The butterfly eye is 12 thousand!

When grasshoppers ear to the mall, but are a little problem. Ear knee because grasshoppers!

Fishes cough.

Bee’s eyes are five.

Mosquito teeth 47.

Snail feet breathe taking. Four snail nose.

From the back of the body Turtles can breathe.

The elephant is the only mammal, those who cannot jump. 26) Age, eye color becomes lighter.

On average a human eye 4 million times a year into a twinkling.

The long-living cells of the human brain cells.

Nails on the hands, feet and nails Four times faster than increases.

1/4 of the leg bones of the human body!

Per minute in the United States 6 Person Seventeen fell.

You never open your eyes you cannot sneeze. Faith If not, try it right away you can.