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The European Union had to take refuge in the number of migrants reaches new record

The number of immigrants who have come to take refuge in the European Union reaches a new record in July. This month, Europe has taken a one hundred seven thousand asylum. Compared to June, more than forty thousand. According to the EU's border agency Frontex, an emergency. So they pleaded for help to all the countries of Europe to assist immigrants. Like the flow of irregular migrants coming to Europe over the streets. And the pressure is increasing day by day.
As a result, over the past months to new records being created every month. One hundred seven thousand immigrants come this month of July, with estimated Frontex said, a month ago, and has many of the migrants. Most of the people seeking asylum in Germany. A total of four and a half million migrants in the 015 they had to take.
But the number of asylum-seekers by the massive number of people are now said to be six and a half million people in the country this year. People come in search of a better life in Europe, Europe struggles to cope with the pressure. Expected to fly to Europe to look for life on the additional burden of some-not all share something in all of Europe, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio guteres urged the United Nations. Immigrants to handle the pressure, things are going to sign an agreement tomorrow, Thursday, the United Kingdom and France. Syria war to flee or escape from poverty, these migrants come from Afghanistan and Saharan African countries. source : online news site.