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Samsung came up with the most capacity hard drives

Samsung launches world's highest capacity hard drive. Summit held in California in flash memory by Samsung hard drive available. The total storage capacity of 16 terabytes of hard drive. The 5-Inch drive has been used in Samsung's new 56 GB (NAND flash) Solid State Drive. Using the same space to expand the storage capacity of 56 GB Flash drive is one of a bunch of the new drive in the left slit. While it would be wrong to say that the hard disk drive, the hard drive is based on rotating magnetic disks, and the new 56 GB flash drive, flash drive, based on the works. Flash Memory Summit at the Samsung 015 at the 48 768 TB using the flash drive has a reference model. Initially it was designed to target enterprise customers anekeratabe comment on this hard drive can be bought much cheaper, he said some of the Samsung. Source: The Bharja