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                          5 strange foods

Learn the five dishes at the quaint now, not eating that do not regret it at all! The food, however, apparently after learning that he saw and the people really sick in the stomach early to draw conclusions, but should not be. Indeed, these are some of the men who would be horrified if not impossible.

Black Ivory Coffee

Black Ivory Coffee "or" Elephant dung coffee. This coffee has a role in elephant dung know when they drink this drink will be depleted, but not surprising. Listen to the elite of the elite at the coffee-making process, but it is not. For the first grain of the coffee beans are fed elephants culled from the garden. With the various types of coffee, delicious fruit. Metabolic enzymes or enzyme reached the belly of the giant elephant in the guts of animal’s coffee breaks protein. After the evacuation of the elephant, and then again from inside the mall by a finding that the coffee grains. In total, the whole process went into the coffee taste bitter sweetness of naturally moves and the coffee grains are soft tremendous. Thailand is the world's most expensive country of the drink. Cost for one kilogram of at least one thousand one hundred dollars! However, only 50 to taste a sip of coffee Black Ivory backed cost, with which you will be able to overcome quite a few luxury hotels one at night. This is necessary for the production of one kilogram of coffee cherries, 33 kg of coffee.

When it seems apparent that pleasant meal when you know that various marine and aquatic animals and raw meat juice with the salt and blend raw guts Shiokara. Delicious Japanese food at some cinami  known as. This "is a meal in all kinds of cinami  Shiokara. Marine animals, especially squid, cleaned the pieces of skin were cut. The flesh and blood of animals, including bowls-all the inner organs of the body fluid with salt and pepper, a few days after the meal is served.

Boiled duck embryo
Ballot or Boiled duck embryo. Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have introduced these dishes. Miscellaneous animal reproduction, including eggs and poultry from the newly laid eggs, but otherwise apparently made a mistake in not eating. A newly laid eggs in the artificial heat for 20 days after the baby geese and duck eggs began to take shape, when it is boiled for a long time. When you break the shell of boiled eggs, a little of this, then you will see on one side and the other side of the yellow yolk duck to become part of an embryo. Add high protein meal and fatty acids necessary for the human body is full. Hence the importance of the different health needs of these dishes without saying. It is claimed, these foods contain fetal cells to cure the youth.

Century Egg
For a long time the old, rotten egg dish made with. Indeed, a few months old, but the eggs are centuries old. Were feeling sick in the stomach, as well as to see the wonderful! The smell of liability survives! However, the general taste likes boiled eggs! Nearly seven-eight months, the clay, a mixture of ash and lime materials, poultry eggs or birds are kept dunking. Once the egg yolk yellow to dark green color that contains the egg white in the white and some have ceased to exist, and a whole bunch of buff-colored eggs from the sulfur and ammonia smell is rotten, then it 'to eat' became. Those who want to eat a meal, a reason enough for them. Fruits or vegetables, meat or fish, such conduct are made for preserving a long time, that's just a process of preserving the eggs. So, do not dish it out of sight round the eyes can take a little taste!

Baby mice wine
Read the names of the dishes are going to get some idea about the material? China and Korea, and it is used in conventional alcoholic baby rat this dish. Like rotten rice wine over 15 smooth, eye drops, utterly helpless baby drowned rat was kept alive long months. The liquor in mammals dies 'after the ghost when the vintage rotten, if it is to serve drinks. source : online news site.