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            Firaun Tutankhamen Damn

Since 1922, Egypt Tutankhamen uncovered the tomb of the firaun. Since then, one after another wonderful of all deaths occurs. All those who took part in the tombs reveal different reasons each died. All of them had an unusual death. He is no logical reason for the death could not be found. The public an idea was born that everyone died Tutankhamen curse. But the mystery of the cursed death of the scientific explanation has been found. According to scientists, Tutankhamen curse is something else, a kind of microscopic germs or microbes subtle little name ayasapara phlabhasa Silas. It usually grows in damp, sultry swamps. This virus attacks the human body weak parts. As a result, people are unknowingly infected with various diseases and disorder, and gradually succumbed to death. But the most surprising is that the stems down to the ground for hundreds of years, these microbes can survive the wind is a little surprising. However, it is still a mystery to him. Scientists suspect the ancient Egyptians would have little or no means Mummy spread of this virus. In order to keep up with the mummy or to plunder the riches of peace destruction after the clutches of death.source : online news site .