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              The world's most expensive bikes

Motorcycles Companies in Switzerland feline One of the high-tech market bring powerful bikes. However, these models are only 50 bikes left. Designed by renowned French designer yakuba sophisticated bike. The bike has been labeled the world's most expensive bike. It will cost US $ 28 million. One of feline this model is carbon, titanium, aluminum and leather developed. The company says the bike after 4 years of technical research has produced. Yakuba designer said, it is more than a motorcycle. For customers using high technology have made it luxurious. The best engines around the world for over 10 years I've tested. In the end, I was able to make one feline bikes future generations. This 801 cc 3-cylinder engine and 6 Gearbox has motorbikes. However, the weight of just 155 kg. source: NDTV news