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Most 5 expensive Food world 

Caviar is known as black gold. It is produced from the special eggs Albino Fish. Usually the rare caviar comes from Iran. Guinness World Records as the world's most expensive foods signed the caviar. This collection is the first meal of the two from the bottom of the ocean, it's pretty hard work, and second, because these foods are as follows: 4-carat gold is sold in boxes. 255 grams caviar price is 1044 US Dollar.

maitake mushrooms 
This is the world's most expensive mushroom, maitake mushrooms . It is generally in Europe, Asia and North America are found in different parts of the world. It is also known as pine mushrooms. The price of one kg of 90 $ to 2006 US Dollar.

Comes from the male stamen saffron crocus the flowers, exquisite fine, a spice which is very expensive. South West Asia, Greece, Africa, and North America are found. Expensive than gold and saffron traders say it gives tremendous importance. One gram saffron price is 120 US Dollar.

saffron position after the vanilla. An orchid is usually extracted from the vanilla pod. Vanilla is grown from seed and fertilizer 15th century. The main producers of Mexico. However, Madagascar, generating 80 percent of island Comoros. Over 110 kg of semi vanilla seeds. 10 vanilla seed prices are 14 to 100 US Dollars.

 densuke black watermelon
The world's most expensive dishes densuke black watermelon. This is a special species of melon. It is produced only in Japan. The price is 6120 US Dollar. source : online news site .