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                   Sleeping sickness Village

There is a strange, mysterious village in Kazakhstan. 200 miles away from the capitol Astana Kalachi peculiar feature of the village, the villagers without any kind of drugs to block out the whole day sleeping. And when they cannot think of these things when they break up. According to experts, the disease is called "sleeping sickness." However, the disease may be due to the large scale of the scientists and the government is in conflict. Initially, the researchers are expected, the levels of radiation that may be. However, another group claiming to be the cause of carbon monoxide, radon or metallic salt (heavy metal salts). If more than a certain amount, which could be disastrous for the people. Many villagers believe that the Soviets abandoned uranium mines near the village that may be due. The Kazakh government's declaration of the reason it has been said. The Deputy Prime Minister claimed baradibega saparabaibha, the researchers found high levels of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions from uranium mines have evidence, which cause sleeping sickness. That is largely due to the closed uranium mine, is one of carbon monoxide. The village also has a shortage of oxygen in the air. The effects of disease on this scale. However, the researchers were not satisfied with the opinion saparabaibha. The village was diagnosed in March 2013. When men and women without any reason, even their pets have mysteriously day-night sleep. At home, at work and even drive to drive. The total population of the village is 810 people. In the first phase of 140 suffer problems. Sleeping is not the only Sickness, alternating their Memory loss, nausea, severe head pain occurs in various diseases. Jhaboronakobha jeleni resident of the village said in a Saturday night and sleep until noon, when he called his cat like a human nose surprised. Also was surprised, to sleep a long time I did not see anything. In the last few years, the authorities tried to move to another village stale. However, it claims that they are much more difficult. The Paternal homestead ancestral way of life has been built around the village. Pulmonologist at Duke University Medical Center, said Claude pinatadosi, the villagers because the disease is not clear. The main cause of the gap at the beginning of the oxygen in the air. The next idea is that the effects of old mines can be. It is normal to be in the air after the gas discharge. Source; online news site.