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Recently, one of the caves has been found in China, is simply "another world within the world" Many are called. Chongqing province discovered Ian Wang Dong, the weather or the separate entrance! However, local residents had long since the remote location of the cave. Inside the cave, they had to travel a little. But they did not understand the profound mystery of the cave. No one outside the local residents did not go to the cave. The cave consists of a team of experts and photographers to enter the cave. They are bringing some rare photos. To come out of the cave, some privacy. They described the strange story of the cave. It is a cave in the unique weather conditions. Not only that, canals, hills, the sky is the cave, which is somewhat different from the world we have seen. There is a cloud. There mist! Explorers of the inner depth of the cave are so huge that there is cooler weather, as well as moisture. It is difficult to breathe normally or as a result of taking. The amount of water that is so much a part of the inside of the cave, there is a huge stream flowed. It can easily be swept away. The picture is very horrible and devastating water flow. However, the taste of salt water left inside the cave. It is worthy of drinking. Cave explorers photographer said, before the discovery of the cave was not so much an extent, there is something extraordinary, we were surprised to see the truth, Wang Dong Cave is a huge cave year. He said that the cave is so huge that the whole of the upper half of the fog and cloud cover. Part of the sky will be approximately 820 feet high. The rise and pictures were holding an extraordinary adventure for adventurers.source : online news site .