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This diet plan to reduce weight quickly in just 48 hours

Sometimes our body weight in a single day or within a short time does not increase. With a lot of time to increase the weight. But increases when we are not aware of it. Getting the weight gain is out of control or different physical problem occurs when we are aware of. The increase in body weight reduction is not possible or it is possible for a short time is difficult to retain. Yet in some ways a little time to help us to control body weight. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body due to increased body weight. The first stages of the weight loss of the body are clean. If you want to reduce body weight by pure or clean food to eat, and that it would be beneficial for the body and the body that will have the ability to remove contamination. It is necessary for the body, make sure liquids. So here to tell you about two drinks speedy and effective functioning of the body's metabolism, which will help reduce the weight of the weight loss process is fast, and the other. 48 hours or two days, the diet you need to do? Do nothing, just to get the two special drinks. One in the morning and one at night. A drink that will increase diseases with which your body, your weight will reduce the drain. To follow this diet is to choose the right time of the day. To increase the metabolism of tomato drinks, which contain high levels of rich lycopene. You can also eat a variety of grains, vegetables, etc., to enhance the body's purification processes. Let's assume you know how to drink create.

For the growth of diseases with which the Drink
Water 500 ml
Lemon juice 6 tablespoons
 2 Tomatoes
 4 Garlic
6 ice cubes
-All Materials together with a high-speed blender and blend for less time. This drink will have to get up in the morning on an empty stomach for two days. It must be eaten with drinks.
The second drink for weight loss

Water 300 ml

Two tablespoons of lemon Juice

Maple Syrup 1 tablespoon

Pepper powder 1 tablespoon

Ginger 1 tablespoon .

Also do
Instead of these two days is plenty of water to drink without sugar Greene. The two do not eat rice. Eat oatmeal or any other cereals and eat all the vegetables, except potatoes. However, you must keep in mind that the amounts are not high. All Materials to blend together. This drink will drink the night before going to sleep for two days.
There is a problem of acidity and physically ill people they do not follow it. source :