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Chinese Companies Are Producing Mosquitoes

Mosquito repellent and dangerous. Dengue, a mosquito of malaria disease. But the mosquitoes are producing heard any organization to begin to wonder. But the incident happened in China. One of the advantages of modern technology in the laboratory goyanadam the factory are being produced each week, millions of mosquitoes in the environment after being left outside. Do you have any fun at the institution, and why the mosquito Accusative Production? Happily, being produced at the factory Accusative masculine Mosquito bites a person, not just eat fruits and honey from the flowers abortive works dengue mosquito. But suddenly this mosquito production in China is made in the laboratory why? Researchers say that the prevalence of dengue in China last year, so many people died. Specifically to prevent the attack of dengue mosquitoes sterile and unproductive production of this country decides. Guangzhou Science City is the biggest laboratory in the world for the production of mosquitoes. People's Daily Online said in a report. With this mosquito-borne Dengue mosquitoes can be particularly aborted. According to the report, millions of mosquitoes born in Guangzhou in the laboratory, is being opened at the weekend dressed Island. The project, led by the director of the G jhimom. Researchers say, because it will reduce the incidence of dengue fever as a result of exposure to mosquitoes in the lab, birth control dengue mosquitoes to produce Accusative. They will not fly because of the dengue eggs. Researchers in the laboratory of male mosquitoes that are without, there is no threat, even they do not bite. Check matched its success. As a result of this test up to 90 percent of the mosquitoes were able to contraception. Researchers in the world two thousand people each year die of dengue fever in the attack; Many of whom have been children. Symptoms of dengue fever increases the body temperature, headache, bone and muscle pain to start. Symptoms of the disease occur so strongly that it 'breakbone disease is called. This disease can die. There is no vaccine for dengue, could not be discovered. There is no cure for the disease developed. The researchers hope to kill mosquitoes with mosquito, but this initiative is more successful if it could be used in other places in the world. This method can be used to prevent malaria as well as dengue fever. Female Anopheles mosquito bites malaria every year and more than 10 million people lost their lives. source: online news site.