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5 which woman was beaten to death in India

A remote village in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, witchcraft or black magic 'practice had allegedly beaten to death by her mother-daughter five villagers. Jharkhand's capital Ranchi at midnight local time on Friday, about 30 km from the village, said the killings. Ranchi police chief Arun Kumar Singh told AFP, Village stale dragged from their homes, bringing out the women. They were beaten to death with iron rods. He said, for his alleged involvement in the murder of 4 people were arrested in the village. The majority of them aged between 45 to 50 years. Arun Kumar Singh said, "one of the babies died a week ago in the village. The inhabitants of the village women, their 'black magic' caused by the child's death. Then on Friday night, the Panchayat decided to kill her by putting 5. Jharkhand Chief Minister raghubara das in a statement condemned the killing of knowledge that is really tragic and Blameworthy at perfection.
Note that, according to the records of the Bureau of Indian crime involved with witchcraft in 12 years, 97 thousand people were killed in India. 2013 to 2011 of the Jharkhand witch argues that more than 400 had been killed.source: online news site.