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                          5 strange foods

Learn the five dishes at the quaint now, not eating that do not regret it at all! The food, however, apparently after learning that he saw and the people really sick in the stomach early to draw conclusions, but should not be. Indeed, these are some of the men who would be horrified if not impossible.

Black Ivory Coffee

Black Ivory Coffee "or" Elephant dung coffee. This coffee has a role in elephant dung know when they drink this drink will be depleted, but not surprising. Listen to the elite of the elite at the coffee-making process, but it is not. For the first grain of the coffee beans are fed elephants culled from the garden. With the various types of coffee, delicious fruit. Metabolic enzymes or enzyme reached the belly of the giant elephant in the guts of animal’s coffee breaks protein. After the evacuation of the elephant, and then again from inside the mall by a finding that the coffee grains. In total, the whole process went into the coffee taste bitter sweetness of naturally moves and the coffee grains are soft tremendous. Thailand is the world's most expensive country of the drink. Cost for one kilogram of at least one thousand one hundred dollars! However, only 50 to taste a sip of coffee Black Ivory backed cost, with which you will be able to overcome quite a few luxury hotels one at night. This is necessary for the production of one kilogram of coffee cherries, 33 kg of coffee.

When it seems apparent that pleasant meal when you know that various marine and aquatic animals and raw meat juice with the salt and blend raw guts Shiokara. Delicious Japanese food at some cinami  known as. This "is a meal in all kinds of cinami  Shiokara. Marine animals, especially squid, cleaned the pieces of skin were cut. The flesh and blood of animals, including bowls-all the inner organs of the body fluid with salt and pepper, a few days after the meal is served.

Boiled duck embryo
Ballot or Boiled duck embryo. Philippines, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have introduced these dishes. Miscellaneous animal reproduction, including eggs and poultry from the newly laid eggs, but otherwise apparently made a mistake in not eating. A newly laid eggs in the artificial heat for 20 days after the baby geese and duck eggs began to take shape, when it is boiled for a long time. When you break the shell of boiled eggs, a little of this, then you will see on one side and the other side of the yellow yolk duck to become part of an embryo. Add high protein meal and fatty acids necessary for the human body is full. Hence the importance of the different health needs of these dishes without saying. It is claimed, these foods contain fetal cells to cure the youth.

Century Egg
For a long time the old, rotten egg dish made with. Indeed, a few months old, but the eggs are centuries old. Were feeling sick in the stomach, as well as to see the wonderful! The smell of liability survives! However, the general taste likes boiled eggs! Nearly seven-eight months, the clay, a mixture of ash and lime materials, poultry eggs or birds are kept dunking. Once the egg yolk yellow to dark green color that contains the egg white in the white and some have ceased to exist, and a whole bunch of buff-colored eggs from the sulfur and ammonia smell is rotten, then it 'to eat' became. Those who want to eat a meal, a reason enough for them. Fruits or vegetables, meat or fish, such conduct are made for preserving a long time, that's just a process of preserving the eggs. So, do not dish it out of sight round the eyes can take a little taste!

Baby mice wine
Read the names of the dishes are going to get some idea about the material? China and Korea, and it is used in conventional alcoholic baby rat this dish. Like rotten rice wine over 15 smooth, eye drops, utterly helpless baby drowned rat was kept alive long months. The liquor in mammals dies 'after the ghost when the vintage rotten, if it is to serve drinks. source : online news site.


                         Space Elevator

Do people ever have thought to go to the outer space elevator? If you want to know the answer - not. Because the government does not allow any space to build a building. This reality cannot be made at the height of buildings to the scientists. A Canadian company has recently proposed to build an elevator to space. The proposal is to reduce the cost of space coming to Canada-based thota technology. The elevator would be made to create a ring with the kadhalar cells. Hydrogen or helium will be entered into. Heavy objects can be dragged to the top of the helium. Thus, it will be pulled up to 20 km away. Earth's atmosphere and into space, which can penetrate. Carbon nano tubes to the cables. So far no one has seen her in such. He has now put them on the 1.5 kilometers to go up high. For this reason, it has been dropped her. The space elevator will be fitted with gyroscopes, which can break down all the time, whether it will be monitored. The wind turbines will be utilized for the production of electricity. Also at 20 km the altitude will be a platform. The platform will be sent to various objects in space. This project is going to give it form Quiney brenadena technicians. The figure comes from the head.Quiney, a professor at the University of Toronto brenadena. source: online news site.


Samsung came up with the most capacity hard drives

Samsung launches world's highest capacity hard drive. Summit held in California in flash memory by Samsung hard drive available. The total storage capacity of 16 terabytes of hard drive. The 5-Inch drive has been used in Samsung's new 56 GB (NAND flash) Solid State Drive. Using the same space to expand the storage capacity of 56 GB Flash drive is one of a bunch of the new drive in the left slit. While it would be wrong to say that the hard disk drive, the hard drive is based on rotating magnetic disks, and the new 56 GB flash drive, flash drive, based on the works. Flash Memory Summit at the Samsung 015 at the 48 768 TB using the flash drive has a reference model. Initially it was designed to target enterprise customers anekeratabe comment on this hard drive can be bought much cheaper, he said some of the Samsung. Source: The Bharja


Most 5 expensive Food world 

Caviar is known as black gold. It is produced from the special eggs Albino Fish. Usually the rare caviar comes from Iran. Guinness World Records as the world's most expensive foods signed the caviar. This collection is the first meal of the two from the bottom of the ocean, it's pretty hard work, and second, because these foods are as follows: 4-carat gold is sold in boxes. 255 grams caviar price is 1044 US Dollar.

maitake mushrooms 
This is the world's most expensive mushroom, maitake mushrooms . It is generally in Europe, Asia and North America are found in different parts of the world. It is also known as pine mushrooms. The price of one kg of 90 $ to 2006 US Dollar.

Comes from the male stamen saffron crocus the flowers, exquisite fine, a spice which is very expensive. South West Asia, Greece, Africa, and North America are found. Expensive than gold and saffron traders say it gives tremendous importance. One gram saffron price is 120 US Dollar.

saffron position after the vanilla. An orchid is usually extracted from the vanilla pod. Vanilla is grown from seed and fertilizer 15th century. The main producers of Mexico. However, Madagascar, generating 80 percent of island Comoros. Over 110 kg of semi vanilla seeds. 10 vanilla seed prices are 14 to 100 US Dollars.

 densuke black watermelon
The world's most expensive dishes densuke black watermelon. This is a special species of melon. It is produced only in Japan. The price is 6120 US Dollar. source : online news site .



                   Sleeping sickness Village

There is a strange, mysterious village in Kazakhstan. 200 miles away from the capitol Astana Kalachi peculiar feature of the village, the villagers without any kind of drugs to block out the whole day sleeping. And when they cannot think of these things when they break up. According to experts, the disease is called "sleeping sickness." However, the disease may be due to the large scale of the scientists and the government is in conflict. Initially, the researchers are expected, the levels of radiation that may be. However, another group claiming to be the cause of carbon monoxide, radon or metallic salt (heavy metal salts). If more than a certain amount, which could be disastrous for the people. Many villagers believe that the Soviets abandoned uranium mines near the village that may be due. The Kazakh government's declaration of the reason it has been said. The Deputy Prime Minister claimed baradibega saparabaibha, the researchers found high levels of carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions from uranium mines have evidence, which cause sleeping sickness. That is largely due to the closed uranium mine, is one of carbon monoxide. The village also has a shortage of oxygen in the air. The effects of disease on this scale. However, the researchers were not satisfied with the opinion saparabaibha. The village was diagnosed in March 2013. When men and women without any reason, even their pets have mysteriously day-night sleep. At home, at work and even drive to drive. The total population of the village is 810 people. In the first phase of 140 suffer problems. Sleeping is not the only Sickness, alternating their Memory loss, nausea, severe head pain occurs in various diseases. Jhaboronakobha jeleni resident of the village said in a Saturday night and sleep until noon, when he called his cat like a human nose surprised. Also was surprised, to sleep a long time I did not see anything. In the last few years, the authorities tried to move to another village stale. However, it claims that they are much more difficult. The Paternal homestead ancestral way of life has been built around the village. Pulmonologist at Duke University Medical Center, said Claude pinatadosi, the villagers because the disease is not clear. The main cause of the gap at the beginning of the oxygen in the air. The next idea is that the effects of old mines can be. It is normal to be in the air after the gas discharge. Source; online news site.


              The world's most expensive bikes

Motorcycles Companies in Switzerland feline One of the high-tech market bring powerful bikes. However, these models are only 50 bikes left. Designed by renowned French designer yakuba sophisticated bike. The bike has been labeled the world's most expensive bike. It will cost US $ 28 million. One of feline this model is carbon, titanium, aluminum and leather developed. The company says the bike after 4 years of technical research has produced. Yakuba designer said, it is more than a motorcycle. For customers using high technology have made it luxurious. The best engines around the world for over 10 years I've tested. In the end, I was able to make one feline bikes future generations. This 801 cc 3-cylinder engine and 6 Gearbox has motorbikes. However, the weight of just 155 kg. source: NDTV news


The European Union had to take refuge in the number of migrants reaches new record

The number of immigrants who have come to take refuge in the European Union reaches a new record in July. This month, Europe has taken a one hundred seven thousand asylum. Compared to June, more than forty thousand. According to the EU's border agency Frontex, an emergency. So they pleaded for help to all the countries of Europe to assist immigrants. Like the flow of irregular migrants coming to Europe over the streets. And the pressure is increasing day by day.
As a result, over the past months to new records being created every month. One hundred seven thousand immigrants come this month of July, with estimated Frontex said, a month ago, and has many of the migrants. Most of the people seeking asylum in Germany. A total of four and a half million migrants in the 015 they had to take.
But the number of asylum-seekers by the massive number of people are now said to be six and a half million people in the country this year. People come in search of a better life in Europe, Europe struggles to cope with the pressure. Expected to fly to Europe to look for life on the additional burden of some-not all share something in all of Europe, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio guteres urged the United Nations. Immigrants to handle the pressure, things are going to sign an agreement tomorrow, Thursday, the United Kingdom and France. Syria war to flee or escape from poverty, these migrants come from Afghanistan and Saharan African countries. source : online news site.


              world In the other world china

Recently, one of the caves has been found in China, is simply "another world within the world" Many are called. Chongqing province discovered Ian Wang Dong, the weather or the separate entrance! However, local residents had long since the remote location of the cave. Inside the cave, they had to travel a little. But they did not understand the profound mystery of the cave. No one outside the local residents did not go to the cave. The cave consists of a team of experts and photographers to enter the cave. They are bringing some rare photos. To come out of the cave, some privacy. They described the strange story of the cave. It is a cave in the unique weather conditions. Not only that, canals, hills, the sky is the cave, which is somewhat different from the world we have seen. There is a cloud. There mist! Explorers of the inner depth of the cave are so huge that there is cooler weather, as well as moisture. It is difficult to breathe normally or as a result of taking. The amount of water that is so much a part of the inside of the cave, there is a huge stream flowed. It can easily be swept away. The picture is very horrible and devastating water flow. However, the taste of salt water left inside the cave. It is worthy of drinking. Cave explorers photographer said, before the discovery of the cave was not so much an extent, there is something extraordinary, we were surprised to see the truth, Wang Dong Cave is a huge cave year. He said that the cave is so huge that the whole of the upper half of the fog and cloud cover. Part of the sky will be approximately 820 feet high. The rise and pictures were holding an extraordinary adventure for adventurers.source : online news site .


            Firaun Tutankhamen Damn

Since 1922, Egypt Tutankhamen uncovered the tomb of the firaun. Since then, one after another wonderful of all deaths occurs. All those who took part in the tombs reveal different reasons each died. All of them had an unusual death. He is no logical reason for the death could not be found. The public an idea was born that everyone died Tutankhamen curse. But the mystery of the cursed death of the scientific explanation has been found. According to scientists, Tutankhamen curse is something else, a kind of microscopic germs or microbes subtle little name ayasapara phlabhasa Silas. It usually grows in damp, sultry swamps. This virus attacks the human body weak parts. As a result, people are unknowingly infected with various diseases and disorder, and gradually succumbed to death. But the most surprising is that the stems down to the ground for hundreds of years, these microbes can survive the wind is a little surprising. However, it is still a mystery to him. Scientists suspect the ancient Egyptians would have little or no means Mummy spread of this virus. In order to keep up with the mummy or to plunder the riches of peace destruction after the clutches of death.source : online news site .


This diet plan to reduce weight quickly in just 48 hours

Sometimes our body weight in a single day or within a short time does not increase. With a lot of time to increase the weight. But increases when we are not aware of it. Getting the weight gain is out of control or different physical problem occurs when we are aware of. The increase in body weight reduction is not possible or it is possible for a short time is difficult to retain. Yet in some ways a little time to help us to control body weight. The accumulation of toxic substances in the body due to increased body weight. The first stages of the weight loss of the body are clean. If you want to reduce body weight by pure or clean food to eat, and that it would be beneficial for the body and the body that will have the ability to remove contamination. It is necessary for the body, make sure liquids. So here to tell you about two drinks speedy and effective functioning of the body's metabolism, which will help reduce the weight of the weight loss process is fast, and the other. 48 hours or two days, the diet you need to do? Do nothing, just to get the two special drinks. One in the morning and one at night. A drink that will increase diseases with which your body, your weight will reduce the drain. To follow this diet is to choose the right time of the day. To increase the metabolism of tomato drinks, which contain high levels of rich lycopene. You can also eat a variety of grains, vegetables, etc., to enhance the body's purification processes. Let's assume you know how to drink create.

For the growth of diseases with which the Drink
Water 500 ml
Lemon juice 6 tablespoons
 2 Tomatoes
 4 Garlic
6 ice cubes
-All Materials together with a high-speed blender and blend for less time. This drink will have to get up in the morning on an empty stomach for two days. It must be eaten with drinks.
The second drink for weight loss

Water 300 ml

Two tablespoons of lemon Juice

Maple Syrup 1 tablespoon

Pepper powder 1 tablespoon

Ginger 1 tablespoon .

Also do
Instead of these two days is plenty of water to drink without sugar Greene. The two do not eat rice. Eat oatmeal or any other cereals and eat all the vegetables, except potatoes. However, you must keep in mind that the amounts are not high. All Materials to blend together. This drink will drink the night before going to sleep for two days.
There is a problem of acidity and physically ill people they do not follow it. source :


Chinese Companies Are Producing Mosquitoes

Mosquito repellent and dangerous. Dengue, a mosquito of malaria disease. But the mosquitoes are producing heard any organization to begin to wonder. But the incident happened in China. One of the advantages of modern technology in the laboratory goyanadam the factory are being produced each week, millions of mosquitoes in the environment after being left outside. Do you have any fun at the institution, and why the mosquito Accusative Production? Happily, being produced at the factory Accusative masculine Mosquito bites a person, not just eat fruits and honey from the flowers abortive works dengue mosquito. But suddenly this mosquito production in China is made in the laboratory why? Researchers say that the prevalence of dengue in China last year, so many people died. Specifically to prevent the attack of dengue mosquitoes sterile and unproductive production of this country decides. Guangzhou Science City is the biggest laboratory in the world for the production of mosquitoes. People's Daily Online said in a report. With this mosquito-borne Dengue mosquitoes can be particularly aborted. According to the report, millions of mosquitoes born in Guangzhou in the laboratory, is being opened at the weekend dressed Island. The project, led by the director of the G jhimom. Researchers say, because it will reduce the incidence of dengue fever as a result of exposure to mosquitoes in the lab, birth control dengue mosquitoes to produce Accusative. They will not fly because of the dengue eggs. Researchers in the laboratory of male mosquitoes that are without, there is no threat, even they do not bite. Check matched its success. As a result of this test up to 90 percent of the mosquitoes were able to contraception. Researchers in the world two thousand people each year die of dengue fever in the attack; Many of whom have been children. Symptoms of dengue fever increases the body temperature, headache, bone and muscle pain to start. Symptoms of the disease occur so strongly that it 'breakbone disease is called. This disease can die. There is no vaccine for dengue, could not be discovered. There is no cure for the disease developed. The researchers hope to kill mosquitoes with mosquito, but this initiative is more successful if it could be used in other places in the world. This method can be used to prevent malaria as well as dengue fever. Female Anopheles mosquito bites malaria every year and more than 10 million people lost their lives. source: online news site.


5 which woman was beaten to death in India

A remote village in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand, witchcraft or black magic 'practice had allegedly beaten to death by her mother-daughter five villagers. Jharkhand's capital Ranchi at midnight local time on Friday, about 30 km from the village, said the killings. Ranchi police chief Arun Kumar Singh told AFP, Village stale dragged from their homes, bringing out the women. They were beaten to death with iron rods. He said, for his alleged involvement in the murder of 4 people were arrested in the village. The majority of them aged between 45 to 50 years. Arun Kumar Singh said, "one of the babies died a week ago in the village. The inhabitants of the village women, their 'black magic' caused by the child's death. Then on Friday night, the Panchayat decided to kill her by putting 5. Jharkhand Chief Minister raghubara das in a statement condemned the killing of knowledge that is really tragic and Blameworthy at perfection.
Note that, according to the records of the Bureau of Indian crime involved with witchcraft in 12 years, 97 thousand people were killed in India. 2013 to 2011 of the Jharkhand witch argues that more than 400 had been killed.source: online news site.