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                        Did you know ?

1. China's first zoo was established.
2. The world's first laptop, the IBM 511 '
3. Asia's first Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
4. The first foreign prime ministers Indira Gandhi came to Bangladesh.
5. The incoming British Prime Minister James Callaghan in the first.
6. The first incoming US President Bill Clinton.
7. French pyanaharda and lebhasara the first car built on a commercial basis.
8. 1994 phagakyama called web cam at the University of San Francisco first discovered is used,      which is still in motion.
9. CD (compact disc) is able to create the first Japanese company, Sony successfully.
10. The world famous soft drink Coca-Cola was first sold on May 8, 1886, Georgia jyakabasa             pharmacy.
11. Gyagarina iuri first astronaut.
12. Danish first space tourist, US Tito.
13. The first Test cricket batsman Charles Bannerman (Australia).
14. The first bowler in Test cricket alaphreosa (England).
15. Jim lekarai first, who took 10 wickets in Test 1 innings.
16. Test cricket is the first venue in Melbourne (Australia).
17. First Stamp name peniblyaka "(England).
18. First testatiuba baby - Louise Brown.
19. The world's first botanical garden was established in 695 BC, the ancient Assyrian ninebhahate.    source : online.