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                         Facebook history

Facebook’s history and the many known and unknown! Facebook dot com. Who knew? Facebook does not recognize that this post is not for her. However, the social networking giant Facebook. Google Page rank is the second largest site in the world, according to Alexa statistics Dot com. Number one in the world was in the midst of a lot. We all know about the history of Facebook. But today I'd like to go a little deeper. Born in New York in 1984, Facebook was founded by computer programmer Mark zuckerberg 2004 in February. 2004 since the founding of Facebook. When we look at a little before that, on 8 October, Mark elite zuckerberg face mash 2003 of the dot-comis a site that making. This face mash the site was not very good. This site was the two pictures side by side. Visitors in this picture is "hot" and the "not hot / Knot" compared to. Mark Zuckerberg was a very good computer programmer from school. After he was admitted to Harvard College. Face mashthose years. Harvard College students hacked database of images using the face mash visitors to "hot" or "knots" with the opportunity to find out. The college students forced him to close the site.
House System was named after a service at Harvard College. Later the same year, "The Facebook concept is a new feature of this house as a system. 2003 on September 13, a student brought it earns grinsapyana. A site called Harvard Connection, Zuckerberg then started the car for some friends of his. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook dot-com domain was purchased by 2004 January 11. The launch of Facebook dot com Zuckerberg, 1200 between the hours of seeing the student's registration. Here he worked with roommates eldorado sarabherin, Andrew myakkolam, Dustin maskabhitav. The Harvard Connection Marriage to this feature of the dot-com era. So Zuckerberg of stealing the idea of her alleged friends Sept. Facebook's user numbers are increasing very rapidly. In addition to the two months of Harvard College, the number of Facebook contacts. More than half a million user profiles on the site opened in June. The chances of Facebook at 10 percent for the month, PayPal founder of Facebook percent of the shares were purchased five million dollars. But he woke up in the same old problem September. Cameron, Taylor and dibiya suit sitting in the Facebook. Although the year is December 1 million users on Facebook. 12 Excel partner 2005 percent in May, the Facebook Marriage invests $ 7 million. The Facebook 2005 August dot-com domain was purchased on Facebook. However, it is not easy, it has two million US dollars to pay them. 2006 can be seen in half a million dollars last year on the 2005 in Los Facebook. He's 2006 years old on September 13, is open for everyone on Facebook. Two huge sums of investment can be seen in 2007 categories. Hong Kong is one of the sixty million dollars and 240 million dollars invested in Microsoft buys Facebook decimal six percent. Facebook came in 2008 legal issues and takes the form of five-billion-dollar company. Myspace dot com and can be seen in 2009 who has left behind Facebook and Facebook), has started to earn. And Facebook and did not look back. 2012 can be seen in Mark Zuckerberg's assets up to the amount of nearly half a billion dollars. Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world for his ability. 2011 to 100 billion photos uploaded to the Facebook users. Later that year, Facebook and Skype for video calls haircare tried to format into an agreement with Facebook to work on another platform. 2011 is added on at the end of the Timeline feature. On October 2012 on the 1 billion user registration. And 01 remained married Priscilla Can Mark Zuckerberg. 2010 Time magazine's Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder.source : online news site .