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                     Google for kids

The famous search engine Google for children under 12 year of their products are made. As a result, children less than 12 year of using Google to look up information using YouTube, watch videos and be able to use the Google Chrome browser .The new generation of children the proper way to use Google's service is expected to give the initiative. "Fun and Safe" initiative,12 in the name of children under the age of technology through the use of Google services, Google is able to be considered. At the initiative of the president of engineering at Google, said pabhani deoyanaji, 12-year-old are less than the benefits of technology are already in school or at home. As the children, but we have taken the initiative to give the search engine market advantage. Through this initiative, the search engine service using YouTube, and Google's Chrome browser, Google will use the method is suitable for children. As a result, certain things children can easily use. So that children have the right of each Google service or service parts, he has given special attention to ensure that the initiative. Google's main office in California as part of this initiative have already useful to children, and what types of content will be used, it is working .source: online news site.