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                 Venomous Snake Fish

Poisonous snakes, its common knowledge. There are some fish which will not be eaten, just eating lots of potential for loss. But the poisonous serpents, fish. That what is possible? There is no such thing as impossible. Diverse violent and horrible creatures that live in the deep sea. And like a poisonous snake, which already has a kind of a fish. The name of this fish, fish vipers. They are akin to the Dolphins. Therefore, these animals are very familiar to the people in the society. Viper Fish dolphin species face the long and sharp pointed teeth are totally different from all the animals. Another feature of these, the species that live in deep water. Any of them could swim fast food does not have to worry. In fact, very different from the other vipers fish structure. From the top of the head to the tail section, divided into pieces. Places that can bend in any direction, can fold. For these reasons, when the Viper Fish can swim, the water is no obstacle can stand. The amazing thing is that the eye is not normal at all. Different colors can be changed. Several of these peculiar fishing methods. Insert the drive into the small fish in the dark cave. While other fish cannot see anything in the dark, the vipers have to change their eye color, one after another. The small fish fall into confusion and fear is rampant. Then hold down the vipers with sharp teeth. Due to the large stomach is hungry. So there is always hunting. Although violent and horrible, but not more, than their height. In just 10-12 inch. Lots of women vipers spawn once a year and it is in January and March. The eggs hatch the baby is out, its height is 6 mm or less. Their life expectancy is very low, only 15-20 years. However, at least 900 feet deep in the water as a result of the Viper did a study. For these reasons, they are unable to live safely in the deep sea water yet. source: online news site.