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      If You Cheat On Exams Then Go To Jail

China's university entrance exam cheating are raising Forged lightning rate was unusually harsh against the country's authorities have announced. Anti-counterfeit copies of the new law as a punishment could be three to seven years in prison, officials said. Lee spoke recently named a candidate; some small notes in the university entrance exam cheating are caught by examiner. The examiner notes that the right to meet with the authorities. Can be seen, Lee spoke forged writes all aspects of his account. After the fake anti-China took the grain. After this incident, the Chinese authorities as well as the university entrance exam cheating penalty of three to seven years imprisonment set. According to authorities, the examination of these rules will be introduced gradually in China. The university entrance exam and another test instead of one that is a proxy for a new law to punish the perpetrators of the draft being considered. Parliament's Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress is responsible for scrutiny of the law. China's Xinhua news agency reported, in the country to be admitted to the university is a public exam. Most of the experiments to simulate and extensively caught up in corruption. This is to simulate the exam or to stop corruption in the country; new legislation is being introduced .source: online news site.