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                        Did you know ?

1. China's first zoo was established.
2. The world's first laptop, the IBM 511 '
3. Asia's first Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
4. The first foreign prime ministers Indira Gandhi came to Bangladesh.
5. The incoming British Prime Minister James Callaghan in the first.
6. The first incoming US President Bill Clinton.
7. French pyanaharda and lebhasara the first car built on a commercial basis.
8. 1994 phagakyama called web cam at the University of San Francisco first discovered is used,      which is still in motion.
9. CD (compact disc) is able to create the first Japanese company, Sony successfully.
10. The world famous soft drink Coca-Cola was first sold on May 8, 1886, Georgia jyakabasa             pharmacy.
11. Gyagarina iuri first astronaut.
12. Danish first space tourist, US Tito.
13. The first Test cricket batsman Charles Bannerman (Australia).
14. The first bowler in Test cricket alaphreosa (England).
15. Jim lekarai first, who took 10 wickets in Test 1 innings.
16. Test cricket is the first venue in Melbourne (Australia).
17. First Stamp name peniblyaka "(England).
18. First testatiuba baby - Louise Brown.
19. The world's first botanical garden was established in 695 BC, the ancient Assyrian ninebhahate.    source : online.


                 Venomous Snake Fish

Poisonous snakes, its common knowledge. There are some fish which will not be eaten, just eating lots of potential for loss. But the poisonous serpents, fish. That what is possible? There is no such thing as impossible. Diverse violent and horrible creatures that live in the deep sea. And like a poisonous snake, which already has a kind of a fish. The name of this fish, fish vipers. They are akin to the Dolphins. Therefore, these animals are very familiar to the people in the society. Viper Fish dolphin species face the long and sharp pointed teeth are totally different from all the animals. Another feature of these, the species that live in deep water. Any of them could swim fast food does not have to worry. In fact, very different from the other vipers fish structure. From the top of the head to the tail section, divided into pieces. Places that can bend in any direction, can fold. For these reasons, when the Viper Fish can swim, the water is no obstacle can stand. The amazing thing is that the eye is not normal at all. Different colors can be changed. Several of these peculiar fishing methods. Insert the drive into the small fish in the dark cave. While other fish cannot see anything in the dark, the vipers have to change their eye color, one after another. The small fish fall into confusion and fear is rampant. Then hold down the vipers with sharp teeth. Due to the large stomach is hungry. So there is always hunting. Although violent and horrible, but not more, than their height. In just 10-12 inch. Lots of women vipers spawn once a year and it is in January and March. The eggs hatch the baby is out, its height is 6 mm or less. Their life expectancy is very low, only 15-20 years. However, at least 900 feet deep in the water as a result of the Viper did a study. For these reasons, they are unable to live safely in the deep sea water yet. source: online news site.


                         Facebook history

Facebook’s history and the many known and unknown! Facebook dot com. Who knew? Facebook does not recognize that this post is not for her. However, the social networking giant Facebook. Google Page rank is the second largest site in the world, according to Alexa statistics Dot com. Number one in the world was in the midst of a lot. We all know about the history of Facebook. But today I'd like to go a little deeper. Born in New York in 1984, Facebook was founded by computer programmer Mark zuckerberg 2004 in February. 2004 since the founding of Facebook. When we look at a little before that, on 8 October, Mark elite zuckerberg face mash 2003 of the dot-comis a site that making. This face mash the site was not very good. This site was the two pictures side by side. Visitors in this picture is "hot" and the "not hot / Knot" compared to. Mark Zuckerberg was a very good computer programmer from school. After he was admitted to Harvard College. Face mashthose years. Harvard College students hacked database of images using the face mash visitors to "hot" or "knots" with the opportunity to find out. The college students forced him to close the site.
House System was named after a service at Harvard College. Later the same year, "The Facebook concept is a new feature of this house as a system. 2003 on September 13, a student brought it earns grinsapyana. A site called Harvard Connection, Zuckerberg then started the car for some friends of his. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook dot-com domain was purchased by 2004 January 11. The launch of Facebook dot com Zuckerberg, 1200 between the hours of seeing the student's registration. Here he worked with roommates eldorado sarabherin, Andrew myakkolam, Dustin maskabhitav. The Harvard Connection Marriage to this feature of the dot-com era. So Zuckerberg of stealing the idea of her alleged friends Sept. Facebook's user numbers are increasing very rapidly. In addition to the two months of Harvard College, the number of Facebook contacts. More than half a million user profiles on the site opened in June. The chances of Facebook at 10 percent for the month, PayPal founder of Facebook percent of the shares were purchased five million dollars. But he woke up in the same old problem September. Cameron, Taylor and dibiya suit sitting in the Facebook. Although the year is December 1 million users on Facebook. 12 Excel partner 2005 percent in May, the Facebook Marriage invests $ 7 million. The Facebook 2005 August dot-com domain was purchased on Facebook. However, it is not easy, it has two million US dollars to pay them. 2006 can be seen in half a million dollars last year on the 2005 in Los Facebook. He's 2006 years old on September 13, is open for everyone on Facebook. Two huge sums of investment can be seen in 2007 categories. Hong Kong is one of the sixty million dollars and 240 million dollars invested in Microsoft buys Facebook decimal six percent. Facebook came in 2008 legal issues and takes the form of five-billion-dollar company. Myspace dot com and can be seen in 2009 who has left behind Facebook and Facebook), has started to earn. And Facebook and did not look back. 2012 can be seen in Mark Zuckerberg's assets up to the amount of nearly half a billion dollars. Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in the world for his ability. 2011 to 100 billion photos uploaded to the Facebook users. Later that year, Facebook and Skype for video calls haircare tried to format into an agreement with Facebook to work on another platform. 2011 is added on at the end of the Timeline feature. On October 2012 on the 1 billion user registration. And 01 remained married Priscilla Can Mark Zuckerberg. 2010 Time magazine's Person of the Year Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder.source : online news site .


Top 10 Of The World's Most Poisonous Creatures

1. Box Jellyfish

World most toxic creatures that crown sitting on this very beautiful animal. But it died before the storm. The poison of the strongest in the world. Asia and Australia generally match them to the sea. Generally, the deep sea, but sometimes near the beach in search of food. When people are affected by them. Most of the time they are on the attack by the poisonous sting. The poison of the heart, allowing the nerve cells attack and damage to the system and the skin as well. Box Jelly fees poisoning man shook violently and then sank slowly or die before reaching the shore. And those who are living with the pain and weakness of lives. If treatment is not necessary if the survivor is too fast, there is no hope. The best antidote to the poison of vinegar. Poisoning in 30 seconds (at least) to vinegar. Acetic acid in vinegar jelly fees, which can poison the blood to prevent and relieve the pain.

2. King Cobra

King Cobra, the world's most poisonous snake's length, 5.6 meters in length, which means up to about 19 feet near!! It can be seen across the whole of South Asia forest. Cobra but it is not the English word. It is a completely different genus of snakes. The observations are part of a cobra snake with it the difference in the size of the look back very easily be determined. Greater than the amount in the form of a cobra king cobra. King cobra is the genus name Ophiophagus, which literally means "snake eating", and initially it meets its food needs without having to eat other snakes. Whose snake eats it in small snakes, pythons and smaller. It is also eaten other venomous burrowers, such as cobra, and the species other small snakes. The venom of the Neurotoxin, the animals infected with its poison that attacks the nervous system. A common man to kill any king cobra bite the bite Enough for about 75% of the mortality rate. This snake is found in the depths of the forest.

3. Marbled Cone Snail

one of the world's top 10 venomous creatures snail corner of the marble. Its English name or marbled cone snail Conus marmoreus. 6 inches tall and weighing only 7-8 grams of a variety of marine snails and small fish eat live insects-pests. The salt water of the sea snail can be up to 90 meters deep. This beautiful and small snail venom may be so powerful that a single drop of poison, with which the 20 people were killed. While this snail uses its venom to catch their prey. Or a few days after being infected with the people's symptoms. Which severe pain, swelling, etc. are tons of cold and pain. In most cases, however, Muscle meat contraction, vision changes and shortness of breath. There is no antidote to this poison.

4. Blue-Ringed Octopus

this too is a form of Blue ring octopus, small, at best, is in the shape of a golf ball. But Poison not be seen at all small. The amount of poison that it carries with it adult 26 men killed at the One minute possible. There is no antidote to this poison. It is the worst pains and serious neurotoxin bite the poison began to work with. Addle meat from a leg muscle vanity and symptoms of the poison starts and comes to the death of such an eventuality. Japan and Australia have found that at high tide the sea calm.

5. DeathStalker Scorpion

most scorpions are harmless to human beings, although a little pain locally as a result of their bites, the symptoms can be seen as callous or swelling. Death Stalker but the devil is a serious harmful species, the toxin attacks the Nervous system. And the sting of poison so powerful that, unbearable pain, fever, unconscious, Meat muscles strong contraction, and finally kills asleep. North Africa and the Middle East found the devil.

6. Stone Fish

stone fish will not win any beauty contests, but "the most poisonous fish in the world" and be able to win that title. Of venom poisoning is so intense that the affected person wants to cut torment the body. Beneath the sea that lie behind the various rock layers to manipulate himself in the eyes of competency and stones disguised evasion due to the tendency of many of the animals described as a master of disguise that. These creatures are scattered body, poisonous spines and poisonous spines to protect her from sharks and other creatures. The efficacy of thorns heart attack victim gets away and the body quickly becomes dull. If treatment is delayed, and the patient cannot be saved. Tropical weather lives rock fish, rare in the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea to the Queensland huge rock in shallow water is calm curb.

7. The Brazilian Wondering Spider

2007 Greenies Book of World Records as the most venomous spider in, mostly because the guy's death. This spider is more powerful than the other spider venom (just 0,006 mg is enough to kill a rat) is living with. They are very dangerous due to the nature of their superiors. During the day they usually crowded area, home, clothes, shoes inside, the car is hidden.

8. Inland Taipan

The world's most venomous snakes, "the title of transnational (internal / land), Taipei. The bite of which only 100 full-grown men or a large group of 250000 is sufficient for killing rats. Cobra's poison in general contains from 200 to 400 percent more than the amount of toxins in just 45 minutes to kill an adult human.

9. Poison Dart Frog

In the Central and South American rain forest and beautiful view of these frogs are found in different colors. One of the most poisonous animals in the world, two-inch (5 cm) long, these frogs, whose venom to kill 10 adult humans or mice in 20.000. Two microgram of the deadly poison is enough to kill a man or large mammals Creatures. Many may have seen movies about the American Red Indians, as they thin bamboo pipe blowing hunting arrows. This Tubing say 'blow pipe or blow a song, "he says Arrow' Dirt '.

10.  Puffer Fish

These animals are poisonous vertebrates in the world, the poisonous fish (first dart Fish). It also called Fugu in Japan and Korea (as bok-uh) is known. It is the fish known as crackers. This particular fish is known as delicate foods. But the problem is that some part of the skin and the inside - which is very toxic. If you can anticipate the presence of malicious or danger to the animals in order to protect him or football became swollen and globe and tetrodotoxin 1000 times stronger than cyanide which is a toxic substance of the attack fired on. The fish poisoning and died very quickly and violently. The inadequacy of the tongue and mouth of an infected person, the head rotated, vomiting, muscle is being asleep, with symptoms of shortness of breath, etc. succumbed to death within 4 hours, and there is no known antidote. Ready worn by men and mostly inexperienced to be the death of fugue. Statistics show that, from 1996 to 2006 per year 20. From Japan fugu poisoning 44 people were admitted and in the midst of more than 6 people were killed. And I have seen the paper opens the maw of the fish taste so many people died. Fugue poisoning, due to the immediate death, the sole licensee in Japan, chefs 'has allowed it to produce it. source : online .


                     Google for kids

The famous search engine Google for children under 12 year of their products are made. As a result, children less than 12 year of using Google to look up information using YouTube, watch videos and be able to use the Google Chrome browser .The new generation of children the proper way to use Google's service is expected to give the initiative. "Fun and Safe" initiative,12 in the name of children under the age of technology through the use of Google services, Google is able to be considered. At the initiative of the president of engineering at Google, said pabhani deoyanaji, 12-year-old are less than the benefits of technology are already in school or at home. As the children, but we have taken the initiative to give the search engine market advantage. Through this initiative, the search engine service using YouTube, and Google's Chrome browser, Google will use the method is suitable for children. As a result, certain things children can easily use. So that children have the right of each Google service or service parts, he has given special attention to ensure that the initiative. Google's main office in California as part of this initiative have already useful to children, and what types of content will be used, it is working .source: online news site.


      If You Cheat On Exams Then Go To Jail

China's university entrance exam cheating are raising Forged lightning rate was unusually harsh against the country's authorities have announced. Anti-counterfeit copies of the new law as a punishment could be three to seven years in prison, officials said. Lee spoke recently named a candidate; some small notes in the university entrance exam cheating are caught by examiner. The examiner notes that the right to meet with the authorities. Can be seen, Lee spoke forged writes all aspects of his account. After the fake anti-China took the grain. After this incident, the Chinese authorities as well as the university entrance exam cheating penalty of three to seven years imprisonment set. According to authorities, the examination of these rules will be introduced gradually in China. The university entrance exam and another test instead of one that is a proxy for a new law to punish the perpetrators of the draft being considered. Parliament's Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress is responsible for scrutiny of the law. China's Xinhua news agency reported, in the country to be admitted to the university is a public exam. Most of the experiments to simulate and extensively caught up in corruption. This is to simulate the exam or to stop corruption in the country; new legislation is being introduced .source: online news site.