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              Facebook Changes News Feed 

Social Media Facebook news feed has changed again. As a result of the changes that the users post news feed, posts, such as more time has been required before the changes earlier this year that Facebook News Feed. It was, however, more to protect the security policies. In addition, the number of posts and comments like, they usually feed news show was over. The new standard has been set to determine the popularity of the post. That is, the kind that users post more time in the past, such as news feeds will be shown. Facebook engineer Ansar Yu said in a blog post, the post is important in any event; the number of likes and comments, but this does not mean that it is important for users to post. When users post the cost of feed will be shown from now on. News feed this new facility soon changed for all users on Facebook, authorities said. Source: The Verge


Believe Or Not It's Real

After watching these people you cannot trust her own eye. For example, the world's tallest and shortest man to see both of them as well as you would like? Viewed or anyone whose skin color is blue! No one has made himself a beautiful doll-like, one of the world's best hip possessions. Asked about such a drastic strange 8 person can take a quick look at this photo!

Human Barbie: The world's first Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova. Ukraine claims that this model look like a puppet in his Barbie and it is quite natural for the surgery he took shelter!

Short and tall man : The short and the tall man in the world in the same frame. Turkish, 31 years old, 8 feet 3 inches tall, the tallest man Sultan Kösen world. The 75-year-old Chandra Bahadur Dangi the shortest man in Nepal. His height of only 1 foot 7 inches!

Wide hip Women: Mikel Ruffinelli  women in the world's most massive and wide hips. His hip barrier about 8 feet! If the private life of husband and children, she was very happy, not at all ashamed of this unusual body does not suffer.

Possessing more tattoos: Lucky Diamond Rich name of this man's body had tattoos everywhere has covered 100 percent. The tattoo is more than most people in the world right now.

Full body tattoo: Julia Gnuse sabhacaite over the world, women have tattoos. More than 96 percent of his body tattoos painted in Places. He began to tattoo to cover a skin disease. Since then continues intoxication.

Full body black Hair: Yu Zhenhuan Hair man world's people. 96 percent of his body covered with thick black Hair.

Blue color body: Paul Karason's skin because of a particular problem, which is blue in color. In 2013, he died of a heart attack.

Rolf Buchholz. He suffers from a strange Intoxication. His body pierced and tattooed some of the strange intoxication. And at this moment he is the best in the world. source : online news site.


              Night Wakes up the Risk of Diabetes

Keep late hours people (night owl) and go to sleep and wake up very early in the morning (early bird) Krano Type of Korean researchers who work with the Body clock traits. Keep late hours than others of people with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and the risk sarcopenia. These two kinds of people are more at risk of human keeping late hours Sleep same amount. Because of the lack of night sleep is reduced, decreasing the quality of sleep and eat is turned upside down. Comes as a result of changes in metabolism due to the long Keep late hours habits. In this study, 1620 men between 47 and 59 years participated. Going to bed and waking up everyone in their own time, and habits of life of the information provided. The DEXA and CT scan of their total body fat, lean body mass and fat is measured Abdominal. After the show, everyone boarded the morning, and only 95 480 people Keep late hours habits. The rest are in the middle of these two kinds of people Krano Type. Body fat can be seen in humans and Triglyceride level has kept late hours habits than others. Not only was their sarcopenia tendencies can be seen. Sarcopenia that is where the complications in patients gradually lose muscle. Can be seen between men and women are more at risk of diabetes and sarcopenia stomach and metabolic syndrome were found to be higher among the obese. However, due to the habits of these people can be seen at night and wake up to the damage, not only because of the fact there is nothing to be based on the genetic makeup of many of these practices were developed. But if you wake up at night because you think that may harm your health, then try again soon going to sleep and waking up in the morning if you can build habits. source : online news site .