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28 time world champion pulled out of the 'ugly' woman's Death

28 times have drawn lifetime became champion. What wonders So many times he was champion. The best contribution to the game or not, he was a champion of the world, only the title of the most ugly women. So 28 times! Yes, the story is true. But he is no longer with us today. Annie Wood, a woman who died at the age of 68. Once, twice the world's most ugly women have won a total of 28 times. World gunning Competition 'or the ugly contest to win the title, he had become a habit. What is left to be surprised when the Random People avoid ugly word, nice to have agreed to all of the rest of his life, he sang joy ugly walk the opposite way. In 1977, the first time he took part in the competition to win the title. Ugly women were very popular. Its use would win the hearts of the people. source : online news site.