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                        Giant Gold Cars

In 1988 Lincoln town car stretch limousine first lasted. In fact, it was built on the original gold-plated, the gold plate on a car. This was the first gold plated case. Coins each part of the car was covered with gold. These cars are made of Brick Bar kit why Niagara Falls. When we say that the car will be covered should understand that there is not a single inch of the car body is covered up. This means that every inch of the car was covered with gold coins or plates finally, after the creation of the car clean and shiny coins gives with sealed, so I also cannot understand the status. Ripple's Museum in Mexico as part of the collection of the vehicle. At this time the car has become a priceless value. Ripley Museum Authority, said: "We just brought the car from Panama City Beach Auditorium to save them and the general public has access to the beauty of the car, and to give an idea about the weight and value. Source  : online news site.