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              Green grass design in Cell Phones

Many users complain about the shape of smartphones. They suffer the same manner as is often bored. Cell manufacturing companies, however, are trying to change the design. Seeks to prevent the wheels of rules satisfying users. However, it is still yet to win the minds of the consumer companies. The green grass is coming to surprise everyone cell phone. BBC News.
European mobile operators in otu subsidiary otu recycling have created a special kind of phone. RC of the casing is designed to be suitable for recycling. And the specially processed with a small piece of green grass. Claims, this is the world's first cell phone, which is entirely made of natural materials and reusable.
The phone has been designed by Sean Miles. According to him, could be an alternative to plastic casing to create new technology. "It's basically a composite material such as carbon fiber. We've used the RC and grass. Miles said.
As part of a project originally otu special cell has been created. Its goal is to make them attracted to recycling. But creating a new phone after the remarkable success of the feasibility study is now being widely used in the technology. source : online news site .