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             Cows, camels, goats exchange Wife

Groom party girl was alive. But the news of the father was caught fleeing the house. This is a great deal of which the wife! 20., goats, camels and 10 cows for 3-in-law is available here. The girl's father is the greatest party in the negotiations. In many cases, the daughter of the groom gives to their tribal jewelry. Thus, the daughter of a son of Kenya's tribal areas handed parents, what they have to get married. The Daily Mail reports, especially in the tribal areas of Kenya pakata the parents of a boy handed over his beloved daughter in exchange for cattle. A month before the wedding, the bride is kept isolated in a deserted place.
The parents of the groom with the bargaining parties. That will give more animals and jewelry, her father gave her hand. Organized at the wedding of the daughter of a sudden. Many people do not know, the car is handed over to parents.
Girls who can escape from the house heard about the marriage, fearing that often keeps them hidden from the family. By convention, the last day and night of the sacrifice of the men and cattle. Source : The Daily Mail