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     Ancient tomb Star gold-diamond-jewelry

China several thousand years old and there are a few boxes of stuff from the tomb of gold seal, diamonds, jewelry, bronze. Each of the approximately 221 years before the birth of Christ has been identified as a tomb. Central China's Henna province events. Jiang Chang, a large area near the town of jhaukau several years running archaeologist excavated. Recent excavations in the area without having to drive is available in metallic noise. After quite a bit to match the ancient tombs dug. In all, 21 tombs have been recovered. Stir in the fall, when it is to be recovered from the tomb of the precious bejeweled box. Have been found in the box crammed property. Pounds of gold, diamonds, precious stones, jewelry-including materials. According to the Chinese official news channel jinuya, a few thousand years ago in China and Warring Hun Empire State Period (475 BC-221) between the time of the funeral, gold, jewelry, diamonds, copper pitcher matched addition, the sword and so on. According to archaeologists, the robbers tried to open several graves. But it did not. Tomb of research has begun. Sources: India Times