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             Some stunning facts about girls

Girls on average about 20000 words used to talk about. Where guys using on average only 7000 words.

Every 90 seconds, a woman died because of abortion and childbirth

A girl in their entire lives only about a year’s time was spent thinking what clothes to wear.

Girls 30 to 64 times per year, weeping and crying, and there be 17 to 06 guys.

 Girls laid three times a day, six times a lie guys.

Heartbeat men more than women. More women than men at the same time the amount of heartbeat and fast. No scientific explanation is not known yet.

Russia is not about the number of women more than men.

Women who have problems with the heart and chest pain, the sadness, there are problems with indigestion and shoulder pain

Compared to boys, girls are more adept tastes test anything.
Tall women are more at risk of cancer.

Heart disease is the main cause of death for women. So if a woman does not ever say that his hearts, then you do not believe.

All women are beautiful. There's just no shortage of confidence. So to increase your confidence. Only two percent of the women in the world and were considered beautiful.
One of the girls is almost 19 times their twinkling flaps minute. Where the guys are just 11 times. You can test yourself.

Plenty of girls dream. When I asked a woman to dream of her many stories tell, but if you ask a man to dream that he cannot say tomorrow night. Source: Times of India.