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   The world first only women luxury cruise ship

The only women in the world of luxury marine vessels. Each design has been designed thinking of Miss Lidia Bersani thoughts. The ship named "La belle kept" which means "beauty".
Attractive for women inside the crystal, gold, diamonds and pet animal, such as cats, rabbits, dogs, etc. were kept. It is completely made of white and gold colors. It is 262 feet in length. 1 large-sized double bed in the master cabin there. It was not made for people with a weak heart. By the inner the furniture, gold mosaic, pearls and stones of different colors designed by the edge of the soft and beautiful lines and waves The. A ship designed so that it has been more than white tie. It has been used a lot of glass and crystal. Maintaining the entire ship made Lidia Bersani romantic and warm. Complete design of the inner white, golden and gray colors was used. The inner richness of the furniture has been made and comfortable. 6 is arranged in the ship's cabin. 1, where guests may have. Moreover, in case you ever hit boring, dining, living room can stay at. Moreover, and the provision of music there. The spa has been created inside the ship 1. Moreover, for spending time here, pool, salon, disco clubs, cinemas, etc., have been taken. Luxury designer Miss Lidia Bersani According to Luxury and Modern in ship design has been completed. The ship is beyond the bath guarantee. If somebody wants to see details of Sun bathing and marine. The ship has a helicopter above the 1 golden letters. It seems natural to see. All the tools to create a new model of its content. To create everything new. You will enjoy every moment. If you've seen the dream of saving the ship's value and will give you a lot. But unfortunately could not tell Miss Lidia Bersani still worth it. However, he has made in advance, of course, it will not be cheap. Source: Daily Mail