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                   Mysterious villagers

Weird shit happens in this world, diverse cases. Hundreds of years of research without having to search for the real cause of the people. Village of the Dead is the name of a village that is just an incident occurs. Canada on the north side of the lake was angikuni village location. This event occurs before the people of this village had no acquaintance. Villagers and those who come into the business of the village knew. But since 1930, with the publication of an event in the press came to the village found whole world. The village was located in the mountainous tribal regions of Canada. These tribes had lived in the village for about a couple of thousand. Without a haunt for locals and fur traders had no noise. In 1930, a journalist in the press was a strange incident in the village. And the formula is expressed in the news that he was a fur trader. Her name 'Joe label. He often went to the village to buy fur. But one day he went to the village to buy the fur does not see any people, anywhere. At home, and he could not find a man out of the house. He came home to see the shirts that sowed them is the unfinished state. Many Cooking curry was hot, it was hot curry. But there is no sign of any human being anywhere.
Finally went to the graveyard, he was shocked. The inscription was found buried in the graveyard of all! But the nightmare is not dead inside the tombs. Where are all the bodies have disappeared inside. Suddenness of the attack and lose the clue 'Joe label. He quickly joined the Royal Canadian mounted police. The Royal Canadian mounted police, led by Major Theodore Listorte  the whole village and the surrounding area Search neither. Villagers did not find any.
The mystery of the Seine:
The igloo village fathers bury all carved out of state bodies and they disappeared! The villagers took him or her at the same time he took the bodies out of the graves? But in the face of grave soil frieze was so tough that it is quite difficult for anyone to work digging. There was only the intact tomb of the village's most ancient Tribal chief. What is hidden in the mystery of the unknown? Might be. Evaporated to the villagers of the two could meet again. Residents of the village do not know what happened! What bodies grave! Just had to write page after page about the mysterious village. Source : online news site .