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                       Frog Juice

Toad juice being sold in Peru for 15 years. Some of the locals drink the juice did the day .Because, in their opinion, the strength of this . Carmen Gonzalez, one of the first women began to make the broth. Her reaction is a lot more juice stores began selling frog juice. One day at a store that sells an average of about 80 glasses of juice. Only Local not even go out with tourists in Peru is a huge demand for the juice. The first is to keep alive Frogs ornamental before. Then there is death in the skin were a blender. Is worth more than 80. material. For example, Honey, Aloe Vera, over tree roots, etc. For every glass of juice will cost you only about two dollars ($ 2). However, those who receive them, just two dollars for this extraordinary juice really low. source : online .