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Three of whom were sentenced to death and hung on to take the stage

John Henry George Lee, the rarest of the lucky one, the execution stage, who was hung on the gallows. Not once, tried a third time, Li's death could not be better. Today, nearly 130 years before the event Lee, a resident of the UK Royal Navy worked. Theft charges against him were already different types. But in the absence of evidence is not going to be nothing. However, on 15 November 1884, which is no way to escape it was Lee. Day of the incident, he was working in the house of his employees Kije Emmy. There was no one in the house that day. Moments greed was brutally killed Amy Lee Kije big lucre. Li criminal trial is proved beyond doubt. Were sentenced to death. And then the miracle happened. February 3, 1885, was taken from prison to leak for the execution stage of execution. Neck was tied with rope, but it was found that the execution of feet below Trap Door away, it does not Moving. The leak was taken back to prison. Trap Door tested by the engineers, they could not find any errors. Then I was trying to hang twice leak, the same results. If you have forgotten the Trap Door Lee's works. Yet another time, is absolutely normal. Lee at the execution is expected to eliminate the authorities, the UK Home Secretary William Lee harakorta lifer death. The 19-year-old Lee. Twenty years later, he was released from jail. He moved to the United States, where he is a natural death. source : online news site.