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Top 10 Best Batsman

Sir Donald George Bradman, (27 August 1908 - 25 February, 2001), who is often referred to as The Don, was an Australian cricketer. Don Bradman is the greatest batsman. Bradman's career Test batting average of 99.94 is the sort of sport is called the achievement.
28067 pharstaklasa 234 matches at an average of 95.14 runs and 6996 runs in 52 Test career. Average 99.94.
August 27, 1908 in New South Wales Baurala birth.
After his debut at the age of 19 in New South Wales bat First Class match after match was performing 'Baurala wonder-boy, finally got the chance to become the national team's fielding. Digit wins 28-29 season squad for the first Test against England. He was defeated by 675 runs in Brisbane Australia. Don went two innings of 18 and 1. From the second Test team dropped the first and the last. He was selected in the third Test, 79 and 112.
Bradman died before the age of 92 Century not finish 25 February, 2001. In 1949, he earned his first honorary 'Knighthood.

Hindi and Marathi: Born April 24, 1973) is a former Indian cricketer, cricket history universally recognized as the greatest batsman. Tendulkar's Test debut against Pakistan is only sixteen years of age, and then almost twenty years, he played cricket for India on the international stage. He is the highest number of international cricket centuries in Test cricket And one day owner is the maker. He was the first one-day international cricket match cricket and Test cricket over the hundredth century. Four Native 2012 Asia Cup cricket match against Bangladesh, he has recorded. In the history of ODI cricket Scored double century owner. 2013 AD, October 5, he recognized all kinds of matches as the first Indian to score a total of 50,000 was the owner.
2002 In an article in Wisden's the world's second-best Test cricketer Don Bradman him and the world's second-best ODI batsman Viv Richards was called. Cricket World Cup winning Indian cricket Team member He was 2011. In fifty years, on the occasion of the 2013 Greatest World Test XI team Wisden OnlyIndian is his position. The 1997 - 1998 for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel- Ratna award, India's highest sporting award, and in 1999 was awarded the Padma Shri award. In 2008, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India's second highest award. In 2010, on behalf of the ICC Cricketer of the Year, as well as Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy Sachin In 2012, he was a member of the Rajya Sabha. Tendulkar is the first Indian player to whom the Indian Air Force to provide prestigious Captain terms.
December 23 2012 AD and 013 AD, Sachin in ODI cricket in May retired from international cricket in the 20. 2013 AD, the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on December 16 th Test match against the West Indies won 200, who retired from Test cricket. Shortly after his retirement, the Government of India, India's highest award, the Bharat Ratna Sachin 2014 AD, will be paid on January 6 announced his retirement from Test cricket victory Said. Matches Shortly after his retirement, the Government of India, India's highest award, the Bharat Ratna Sachin 2014 AD, will be paid on January 6 declared.

1952, March 7, was born in the West Indies. West Indies cricket player. He is considered one of the greatest Bats Man recognized. His tenure was Bats Man caused consternation. Runs of just 56 balls against England in 1986, which is still the world record in Test cricket.
Garfield Sobers :
July 8, 1936, was born on. At birth he was in the hands of the two extra finger Childhood sharp knife, which is brought to the amputation. He's a left-handed batsman and left-arm bowler, cricket was known. Sobers was known as an exceptional bowler. Test against Pakistan in 1957-58 season with an unbeaten 365 runs in an innings Sobers. As a result, he began to run at the record, which remained intact until 1994. Then in 1966, he helped the team to win the series 3-1 against England. Test cricket, he was involved in almost twenty years. West Indies led to 39 times. From 1968 to 1974 he also captained The county Nottinghamshire.
In 1974, Gary Sobers retired from cricket career. He scored in 8032, which was then a world record at the time. He was also 26 centuries. Five Wisden Cricketer of the Century in 2000 ekajanarupe He was nominated by the authorities.

Jacques Kallis :
Jacques Henry Kallis; Born October 16, 1975) is a South African cricketer. He was an all-rounder as a right-handed batsman and fast-medium swing bowler. He is the only player in the history of Test and ODI cricket more than 11,000 runs and 250 wickets. Kallis 3rd highest run scorer in Test cricket.2013 with a Test series in India in December, he announced his retirement.

Ricky Ponting :
Ricky Thomas Ponting; Date: 19 December, 1974) was born in Tasmania Lansesatana province famous Australian cricketer. Punta nickname contact former premier batsman Australian national cricket team in Test cricket and 2002 to 2011, from 2004 to 2011 since served as captain of the ODI team. 2000 from the first decade of the 1990s, the Australian cricket team, he was recognized as a major pillar of the batting. He attended mainly as a right-handed batsman and Boundless fame. Field, slip and catching positions, stand, and the occasional bowl. Cricket fatal, according to India's Sachin Tendulkar and West Indian Brian lara along with one of the best batsmen of the modern era has been considered. December 1, 2006, published on the highest rankings in the last 50 years in Test cricket ratings Ranking holders Ponting's Test cricketer. He played 4 Cricket World Cup Final.Under his leadership, the Australian team won the 2003 and 2007 of the World Cup trophy. He also won the World Cup in 1999, led by Steve waugh was a member of the Australian team. 9 November, Ponting on 2012 announced his retirement from Test cricket. Test against South Africa in Perth, he decided to open. This was part of his 168 th and final Test.
Brian Lara :
West Indies cricket player. He is considered one of the greatest Bats Man recognized. Test and first-class cricket, In both a world record of highest individual Test innings. The first person in the history of Test cricket in an innings and 400 runs. In all, 11,000 Test runs above. It is also a record.

Wally Hammond :
19 June 1903 - 1 July 1965) was an England Test cricketer and captain. He is considered one of cricket's greatest batsmen.85-Test career, Hammond made 7249 runs, as well as 83 wickets. He was captain of the England cricket team won 4 of 20 matches with the 3 at the defeat and was able to draw at last 13. Cowdrey Colin en1970 before breaking the highest Test run scorer of the individual; And the twenty two Test centuries in which the maximum number of records in 2012 Alastair Cook of England broke. In 1933, Hammond was a record 336 runs .in an innings in Tests scored a maximum, which was dissolved in 1938, Len Hutton. First-class cricket, has scored 167 runs in Hammond, 50.551, which until 2013, respectively, and the third highest in the seventh. He has 732 wickets.
Mohammad Javed Miandad  :
Date: June 12, 1957), known in the world of cricket as Javed Miandad in Karachi, Pakistan, was born. From 1975 to 1996 he was in Pakistan for a long career as an international cricketer. Him a high rank in the history of cricket and Pakistani batsman is considered the most successful of all time.
Rahul Dravid :
Marathi: Date: 11 January 1973) is a former Indian cricketer. The Indian national cricket team in Test and One Day International (ODI) was captain. source : online news site .