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Check the first letters of the name of your character 

A- Whose name starts with this letter, they are usually not too much of a romantic. Better understand the business. Cases have less patience your but partner physically attracted to you is very important.
B- but romantic. Especially enjoyed a romantic dinner or a little pampered LOVE. When and get gifts from Said. Loved foliage.
C - the relationship is worth it. Like warmth. Was very sensitive.
D- I think that you want to recover from the Left. Usual Ceres. Ambitious and being trusted with envious of you ever again.
E - too much love to talk. Dislike dishonesty.
F- Whose name starts with the letters they are idealistic and romantic nature. However saw Dari and you prefer.
G - Tremendous fastidious nature. They are very hard-working. You can reach the goal of intense labor.
H- Your affection, have mercy. They are very strong mentally usually. Hardcore perfectionist. They cannot be easily satisfied.
I - LOVE Luxury. Relationship is not very reliable.
J - intense working. They're long-distance relationship. Trust in love.
K - Rewind going too shy Nature. But Table, the plan continues to love. Is  your compassion.
L - Very romantic. Most important to your partner. Intellectual Partner you prefer.
M - two-way nature. As the show, so you can not be the truth. To express his emotions so you do not relax file.
N - You are very emotional. To understand the depth of the relationship. Season like his hands in everything.
O- From the usual light-hear-ted and fun, but seriously, if you prefer to save the money. Cause of your problems may lead to additional position .You are very aware of the social and status
P-. Optimize your partner is thought to be beautiful and intelligent.
Q - Always love to put in the work. Others have become the center of attraction of your choice. White flowers for your very favorite.
R - Physical attraction is important for you too. There is always the necessity to prove him in the midst of you.
S- Idealistic, romantic and at the same time you would like to speak with Sensitive. Word name starting with S guys.
T- You're too sensitive. Personal space does not allow anyone to enter. Although very much a feeling of love is not to your liking.
U- love a challenge to you. So love life and you cannot imagine. Love to give gifts to others.
V - Very liberal. When the space of a little restless Said. Never choice.
W- is extremely arrogant. Love the clothes do not want to open your mouth. Your biggest problem is the ego. Boyfriend is not trusted as much.
X- Some become bored. You two can work together effortlessly.
Y - If you do not like something in your mind that you leave immediately. Your choice to run the race to join.
Z - Very romantic. The main goal of the road to keep the girl in your life. source : online .