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                    CRICKET HISTORY - 1

In 1975, the first World Cup to be held in England. Four years after the introduction of one-day cricket. In 1971, the fifth day of a Test match between Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne by rain as a result of understanding the options is arranged in a 60-ovary match

In 1975 and 1979 in Australia and the West Indies beat England team won the first two World Cups. Four years later, in 1983, became the World Cup final. But in the final against India Caribbean routes. Since then, the West Indies failed to register for the World Cup final.

Australia won the first World Cup in 1987, led by Allan Border. The Test and one-day exclusive realm of the hosts of the next 20 years. The intersection of the 2011 draws India.

India has won the World Cup since 1983,2011. The Indian cricket tournament has achieved more than two teams of Sri Lanka (1996) and Pakistan (1992).

Round-robin tournament 14 teams will participate in the two groups. The top four teams from each group to write the name of the-quarterfinals.

New Zealand in the quarterfinals and the semi-final will be held. That is why I Plays in Australia do not have the final chance for the Black Caps.

M C G 2015 final will be held in Melbourne. England at Lord's cricket venues in the world, as well as the achievement of the final arrangement will be Australia's most famous venue.

India's Sachin Tendulkar scored a record 278 of the highest in the World Cup. He's scored 45 match. Cricket sacrifice of six centuries in the Indian batting. Moreover, a room with a maximum 673 runs Little genius. He broke the record of 2003.

71 wickets in 39 matches at the World Cup Glenn McGrath Max. 2003 World Cup has been just 15 runs for 7 wickets legendary Aussie pace.

The achievement of the highest scoring game in the World Cup in South Africa, Gary Karstena. 1996 World Cup against the United Arab Emirates, South African batsman's innings of 188 runs.

Australia's Adam Gilchrist in the World Cup is the most dismissals. And as a non-wicketkeeper Ricky Ponting precedent for taking the most catches.source : online news site.