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                    Cursed Phone Number

In modern times, something that is believed to be prejudice. But there are some facts that past reforms imposed on the object that is a logical. Diamonds, houses, cars, there are also many things to watch. Spontaneously a cursed thing, but it is not any of a number of objects. A telephone number: + 359 888 888  888. The number of users Accidental injury almost everyone is dead. Finally, twenty in number were closed . This numbers have been subjected to all persons buying up the warlords. Bulgaria was one of a mobile phone operator, the company's chief executive officer (ceo). She was only 48 years old when he died of cancer. Infamous include a mafia boss and a cocaine trafficker agent. Both of them were shot to death. This incident has been closed temporarily after the phone number. However, the closure of a number of companies to explain why not. source : online news site .  source : online news site .