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1. Electric light on a person's skin when thunder caused a bit of a rash Rash the trees Like. This taste or color is red rash.

II. Thunder caused when electricity flows through the trees in a tree is generated so much heat that the tree branches split goes. Many smokes can be seen through the cracks.

3. Not. Because, thunder occur without electric power is generated, before we see the light, and then heard the sound of thunder.

4. Thunder power generated as a result of falling to the ground, if there is sand or rock, but the electricity is carried away thereto then it turned into fossils Are. World such fossils are scattered in different locations.

5. Lake Maracaibo South America several times a year, about 300 times a second in Thunder Occurs. Ever Occurs. Last thunder vulnerable areas have been recognized as the best in the world this year, the lake.

6. Thunder the panic or fear is in many called him, Agoraphobia. Altitude and animals caused by panic in America is a well-known danger of lightning. source : online .