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             Rat Excrement Being Made Cigarettes

With the money you know that cigarette smoking is the key? Surely you know, cut tobacco leaves are mixed with a few elements related with the filter paper to wrap the cigarette burn in the cylinder is made. But there are not many cigarettes in rats crap! According to a study institution happening. Cigarettes are available cheaply in the market, consisting of the inner element has been tested in mice crap. The University of Sydney, Professor Simon Chapman has more awesome information. He says, is to use a cigarette filter the blood of pigs. Citing a study by the Netherlands, said the study is the use of factories producing cigarettes Is - 185 swine blood. Because of the important components of blood hemoglobin in cigarette filter is used. Simon Chapman said, cigarette producers and companies are using the secret key elements in keeping with the greater complexity of the statement has been created. They say, it is their business and they will not trade shattering revelation.
He says, the Netherlands, the study - of hemoglobin from the blood of pigs, it is used to filter cigarettes. Greece has acknowledged that the use of a cigarette manufacturer pig hemoglobin. Earlier it was known, cheap cigarettes contain the asbestos and dead flies. Consider now the key to a happy state of mind puffs with money. source : online news site.