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            interesting Cricket news

1 . Who was the first out of the TV umpire, you know? Legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar! Who was the run-out? World-renowned fielder Jonty Rhodes. The next day in the same Test match umpire Jonty Rhodes to run out and he was run out of a coincidence, but the truth is Sachin Tendulkar.

2. Australia beat England by 45 runs in the first Test match in 1887; exactly 100 years after his 100th Test match against Australia beat England by 45 runs.

3 . 1975 World Cup ODI batsman Sunil Gavaskar Indian batting first 60 over’s, 36 runs scored Mae. Interval of 203 runs, India lost the match.

4 . 4 of cricket cricket laws, which have been formulated on the basis of discussion with the main cricketing nations Marylebone Cricket Club. Some modifications were made to the laws of cricket; all with just a change in the law is the length of the principal shareholders of the cricket pitch.

5 . Shahid AFRIDI its fastest ODI century, Waqar Younis, who borrowed from using the bat.

6 . Baseball called American Cricket. Cricket is the game of baseball is the same, but there are slight differences, such as the cricket player’s some Baseball 9, and 11. Cricket is generally nine innings in two innings in a baseball game on the other side.

7 . One of the longest matches of cricket in England and South Africa in 1939, 14 days after the match was announced as the match ended in a tie.

8 . The one-day international cricket player Muttiah Muralitharan dhoron only one there was an innings and 51 runs in 9 wickets costs. 6 July 1956 on the other side of Test cricket test match in two innings, England had 19 wickets Laker gyms to spin. He sat up 90 runs in two innings of 68 over’s was 19 wickets. The average of the cross-over 132, in the 68 over’s he was about 7 Maiden over.

9 . Alan Davidson is one of the first players in Australia's Test match batting 100 runs and took 10 wickets and bowling. source : online .