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              The Internet is a waste of time

1. Google Games: out of Google's search engine does not seem to mind. There is some Viewing. Many situations that do not sit and play games. This work brings nothing more than a waste of time.

II. To leave a message: the time to post another one likes to sit on the Face book. Social media, like the friend to post the sample is limited. Like any work of the sitting day.

3. Mess around social media: do not need to do the work. So one by one to hang around social media is a means of lots of wasted time. Relationship with a boyfriend went to the problem; he gave another strong like a film.

4. With Google Earth on the road: Google this service is plenty of time to waste. If you do not work in an area of the map of the country, trying to understand his own country to visit in the area on Google Earth became quite amusing.

5. YouTube Video Views: to spend time and watch the video on YouTube. One by one to see the video will take a longer time to cut. If you do not do the job without just enough time to be wasted.

6. Spending time in the game: There are some games that are not playing your liquor. But to spend leisure time in these games can be played one after another. Twinkling of an eye will not lose much time.

7. Pointless to read the article: There is a lack of social media or internet writers. Maybe if you find something meaningful in the text. Inflation does not worry writing pointless waste of time, but the time spent actually nothing than not. source : online  .