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                       April Fools

Who is the first day of the month of April, we say April Fools. This April fool’s is in our various plans. How can people be fooled by the many Thought day began. So today is a little more careful. The report showed a greater surprise; guess what, you can go at any time, if not April Fools. April flowers are the odds of history. Queen Isabella of Spain, during the period when many Muslims were killed on this day Muslims bluffed. However, some of the highlights of the April fool are Glory. A: - According to Wikipedia, the 13th day of the New Year according to the Iranian Zoroastrian calendar is fun to enjoy. The Gregorian calendar days of April 1 and April are similar. According to historians, in 1564, France introduced a new calendar; it is the center of the beginning of April fool’s Day. April 1st of the calendar,the first day of the New Year is calculated as the 1st January decisions some people oppose him. Who, according to the old calendar April 1stYear 1st day had been counting the days, they would be awarded every year on 1st April Fool. The Poisson France abhrila (poisson d'avril) is celebrated and the relationship with the fish. Fry hatch out in early April. These children are caught fish easily bluffed. They played on April 1 Poisson de ebhrila the April fish. On that day, kids and other kids hanging out on the paper fish to their knowledge. When the others saw it as the Poisson abhrila the cry. Poet Chaucer Kyantara Bari tails (1392), the book is found to this day in Nanasa Priest tail.Two: - 1492's during the time of Queen Isabella oppression Muslims tend to be brutal, the last of which is the first of April, 1492. This was done ruthless husband Ferdinand, Queen Isabella. He speaks in simple to save the Muslims; had its cruel plot. Ferdinand was announced, the Muslim Granada and take refuge in mosques, they are safe. Millions of Muslims took refuge in mosques. Ferdinand then they closed the door and set it on fire all the mosques. Three days of the festival started killing. Ferdinand Body burns smell smiled impressed. He said, Oh Muslim! If you are April fool (April fools). Three: Ancient Romans used to celebrate the New Year on April 1. The New Year was observed in most of Europe on March 25. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII to replace the old Julian calendar, and commanded the new Gregorian calendar. The calendar is accepted as 1 January Year. Took it to France and New Year 1 January changed. It is described as the most popular, is the change in people who reject or are unsure about the changes. And they began to celebrate the New Year on April 1. Other people were jeers of these traditional people. They cried, and their home is not fool be traveling. And they were constantly to convince others of the wrong. Four: bostana University Professor of History of the reign of Joseph Baskina descriptionsKansatyan king Farceur King of Rome said that they will be able to manage his kingdom from the well. Surprised he had ruled the Clown Kugela day. Kugela days spent the strange, bizarre acts. From that day had become a yearly tradition. Five: -Another doctrine that makes people feels happy spring. During the spring, people were having fun with each other. It is proved that it was a day of many civilizations that would be fun to make fools of each other, which was the beginning of April, and went 1-for two weeks. Romans 25 March, a day that was observed On that day Ethise renascence they were cheering for. HlaRhea A Day they called. Holy is celebrated as a day that Hindus. The Jews celebrate Purim. The reason our expectations wherever theory on April Fools walks of society, because we do not want to live truly stupid cantos. source :online news site .