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                     Underground City

Underground cities are found in many countries around the world. However, everyone is different from the Turkish Darrin queue. Here is all of the benefit of a city underground in another town. Turkey’s diverse historic stone mountains Cappadocia popular among the tourists. Archaeological ruins and culturally Cappadocia patterns have different names. Cappadocia Landscape people and nature together to create the most beautiful landscapes are called. The low-lying Derinkuyu  Cappadocia has developed a unique one city in the world. Range up to 60 meters below ground Derinkuyu city. About 20 thousand people currently living there. I went back to 700 AD. Originally inhabited by people from outside the country to protect themselves from attacks and the war in a city built below ground. They soon realized that they need to look for a place where everyone can live invisibly. From the idea that they would have made the inhabitants of a city. The town is the gateway 600. There are large rooms, chambers, facility. The whole city is a large rock from the inside to keep the door closed. Each floor can even hold off separately. The whole city is like a labyrinth Architectural style. Unauthorized access to the city is quite difficult. source : online news site.