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                        Peacock Dress

Wedding dress full of peacock feathers. Some Chinese craftsmen have dazzling garments. It took about two months to make a garment. This wardrobe price is set at US $ 1.5 million.

                   The Guitar Tornado

The guitar tornado German artist Trimpin’s extremely popular is a masterpiece. Occurrence of different styles and sizes of the country and abroad have been in great shape, this guitar is the guitar work of art. How many guitars are playing with all of the large Guitars? This guitar is in use remote touch screen practices. Practices, which includes the multi-guitar player seduced visitors.

              Brass Van - Heaviest Art Car

The car in the world, as well as the ideas of who are heavy and h paraphernalia. Hunter guessing the car owner. Twenty years it took to complete the car decoration. More than 15,000 different types of coins and the car has been used Show Pitch. Vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds. Due to very heavy 4000 per km run is to change the wheels. Apart from other time during the use of the owner of the vehicle is kept in the Museum of Arizona. US $ 350,000 in the current market price car.

                          Nevada Shoe Tree

Shoe tree is very popular with tourist’s helm then. This plant is located in the state of America's helm then. Cottonwood tree located next to the highway 70 feet in height. Pedestrians crossing tree wearing them while tying shoes Plant left. Who first introduced, it is not known accurately. However, due to the action of a woman believed to be started. The prejudice and curious if others do so. The inhabitants of the villages are very angry. Because of their ideas, their business is one of the causes of the recession that is committed to the tree. source : online news site.