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The first is the physical relationship of the Scottish lake

Only the soul that Origin water on the floor, not that. Scientists claim that 'a lot more' water came up from the bottom. Of the physical relationship. The original concept of the international team of researchers have identified a sexual relationship. Based on the fossils found recently confirmed that they were somehow, Scotland, at least 385 million years ago from a lake on the floor today, the first of the kind in the world, enjoy the pleasures of sex as animals fish .This name is now extinct Micro bacteria Dicki aquatic scientists claimed that the creation of the first Sexual acts. The waters of life, which is normal, the ovule fertilized with sperm in the water instead of this species to the aquatic physical relations course .Australia's Flanders University Professor John Long said, of the system of the fertilized ovum in the finally. Long has been found, this species of aquatic research is a fossil of a part of them in danger. And they cannot understand the male reproductive organs of the aquatic species. And the sex of the fish egg met and women would spread his sperm in it. This is a significant step in the history of the evolution of discovery, the scientists say. Researcher and professor at the University of Oxford. Mad Friedman said, "Such fossils are rarely known. It has been found in other locations around the world, not even. However, it was found in the lake in Scotland. It is really memorable. We never felt before such a thing. source : BBC online .